LPKF ProtoFlow S4

Compact reflow oven for SMD soldering

  • Lead-free reflow soldering according to RoHS
  • Easy to use due to integrated operating software
  • LAN interface for remote operation
  • Large viewing window for monitoring the melting process
  • Active cooling of the process chamber
  • Optional additional temperature sensor
Reflow oven LPKF Edition SMT ProtoFlow S4

Reflow oven for lead-free soldering

Easy process programming and parameter setting

The LPKF Edition SMT ProtoFlow S4 is an extremely user-friendly convection oven suitable for lead-free SMD soldering of PCBs up to a size of 320 x 220 mm.


The compact LPKF Edition SMT ProtoFlow S4 hot air oven is the ideal device for lead-free RoHS-compliant reflow soldering. The large viewing window in the thermally decoupled door allows visual control of the process. Depending on the solder used, the optimum process parameters can be stored in the integrated software.

In addition to predefined process profiles, custom temperature profiles and process times can be freely set in the software. These can be saved as custom profiles. Active cooling at the end of the soldering process with the chamber closed prevents uncontrolled temperature fluctuations in the material. Process-related odors or gases can be safely discharged to an exhaust system via an outlet opening.

Four thermocouples monitor perfect heat distribution in the process chamber and separately control the infrared heating elements on the top and bottom of the chamber. With the aid of a freely positionable additional temperature sensor, critical areas can be monitored separately directly on the PCB. The low-vibration mounting of the PCB in the process chamber supports the processing of double-sided PCBs.


LPKF Edition SMT ProtoFlow S4 (pdf - 197 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

SMT / Finishing: Products and systems at a glance

Systems for solder paste application
Systems for SMD assembly
Systems for reflow soldering
Solder resist and legend printing
LPKF Edition SMT ProtoPrint S4 fine-pitch stencil printer

Manual SMD fine-pitch stencil printer for precise application of solder paste to circuit boards.

LPKF Edition SMT ProtoPlace E4 pick & place system for SMD assembly of PCB prototypes

Manual pick & place system for SMD assembly of PCB prototypes and small series in the laboratory.

Reflow oven LPKF Edition SMT ProtoFlow S4

Reflow oven for SMD soldering, also with lead-free, RoHS-compliant solder. The system also cures the ProConduct through-hole plating paste.

With LPKF ProMask, printed circuit boards can be quickly and easily equipped with solder resist masks. The LPKF ProLegend assembly print identifies the position of the components on the printed circuit board and can be used for any labeling. Both processes are based on manual lacquer application.


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