Laser Plastic Welding for Consumer Products

Clean, safe and visually appealing weld seams

Reliable Joining for
Plastics Consumer Products

Laser Plastic Welding for Consumer Products

Flexible production, precise results

If sensitive electrical components are to be enclosed in plastic housings, laser welding is the ideal joining technology for doing so. Precise and absolutely impermeable seams with complex 3D geometries or processing sizes in the mircometer range, adherence to strict hygiene guidelines, and flexible production plannning - what more could you ask for?

Application examples of laser plastic welding

Laser-welded shaving device
Laser-welded Shaver

Watertight and precision-joined with an LPKF laser welding machine

Laser welded pool light
Pool Light

LPKF machines produce secure weld seams around sensitive lighting electronics so that the water in the pool is lit up with special radiance.

Laser welded lipstick sleeve
Effective Use for Beautiful Colors

Functionally and visually "well-rounded" results for decorative cosmetics as well

 Electronic housing, writing utensils - or something completely different?

Which kind of plastic parts would you like to join?

Manufacturers of consumer goods profit from laser plastic welding for multiple reasons: It reduces rejects, increases visual quality, and saves hard cash due to the particularly economical production process.

Our experts for laser plastic welding look forward to tackling the challenges of your application and presenting you with just the right technology.

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