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Working at LPKF

Working at LPKF

Discover what makes working at LPKF so special!

Those who work at LPKF quickly notice that we place a lot of value on good working conditions. We are happy to offer you a brief glimpse.

Our corporate culture

We attach great importance to TEAM WORK

This is also reflected in our motto 'Success is Teamwork'.

Being successful in the market depends on the seamless interlinking of the different locations, disciplines and departments around the world. It goes without saying that we provide mutual assistance, take the time to quickly answer queries, and support one another.

This starts with a systematic familiarization, continues with a regular, structured exchange with your supervisor and includes quick decision-making processes within the company.

And the fact we address each other with the informal ‘Du’ is just as much a matter of course as is diversity in our company.

Work-life balance

We like it simple

Through flexitime, compensation for overtime, the possibility of sabbaticals and a lot of part-time positions, we make it especially easy for our employees to reconcile family/leisure time and work. Working from a home office is also an option for certain jobs.

There are also plenty of after-work activities on offer to help achieve this balance: corporate run, dragon boat races, ski trips, motorbike tours, communal barbecues, or Christmas crafts in the company with your children.

Every location in Germany has its own traditions and many activities also facilitate getting to know colleagues from other locations better.

Furthermore, the health of our employees is paramount. There are a number of initiatives depending on the location: free visits to the local fitness studio, flu vaccinations, medical check-ups, fruit and water at the workplace, provision of e-bikes or rewarding non-smokers.

Opportunities for professional development

We know where we stand

A structured feedback session between employee and manager is held twice a year, which helps assess the employee’s current position and determine their further development.

In addition to classic seminars and internal training courses, we also offer job rotation, courses of study undertaken alongside work and networking as professional development opportunities. And all across national borders too.

Through our internal training catalog, supported by HR development for individual queries, we quickly find the perfect solutions for your needs.

We primarily fill vacancies from within our own ranks. We support our managers through relevant training courses, a mentoring program, and coaching where required.