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Sustainability lies in LPKF's roots

LPKF understands sustainability to mean acting responsibly to achieve and promote lasting economic success as well as ecological and social progress.

 Non-financial Report

Non-financial Report 2023 (pdf - 1 MB)

Our ESG focus areas

Value creation

Satisfied customers through sustainable solutions 


Our employees are the basis for the future of the LPKF Group. 


Both with our products and with responsible action, we want to actively contribute to the protection of the environment 


We act as a committed member of society and bear responsibility for our environment. 

Supply Chain

We expect our suppliers to act responsibly 

Corporate Governance

The principles of responsible and good corporate governance guide the actions of the LPKF Group's management and supervisory bodies. 

Figures, data, facts

Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2021, LPKF signed the UN Global Compact and thus joined the global initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Along with this, LPKF supports the targeted achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

We are convinced that the SDGs accelerate sustainable progress and contribute to their fulfillment in many areas with our corporate goals and guidelines. By regularly reviewing our goals and material issues, we aim to ensure corporate development in line with the SDGs.  

To sharpen our focus, we have prioritized the goals and focus on the four SDGs outlined below. With our corporate strategy and our products, we are already making a major contribution to achieving them.   

This does not necessarily mean that all other SDGs have no relevance for LPKF. We already see ourselves as well positioned in many points and support them. However, some goals are not actively pursued due to the low potential for influence.