ESG Statement of the Management Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, 


We bear responsibility towards our employees, the environment and future generations. As a technology company, we harness our specific expertise to increase our enterprise value in a way that also serves the public good. We develop new and innovative solutions for our customers that also benefit society as a whole – while acting responsibly at all times. The aim of this non-financial Group report is to inform you in detail about our progress in this area. 

Global megatrends including miniaturization, connectivity, carbon reduction and demographic change play an important role in our business performance and the continued development of ESG factors. In all these trends, high-precision, clean and energy-efficient production methods enable progress toward sustainability and digitalization. LPKF plays an active role in this process as a technology and market leader.  

In our day-to-day business, we see how our products and solutions can make a tangible contribution to protecting the environment. Using our precise production processes enables our customers to save energy and raw materials, while our technologies help them to develop innovative and sustainable products. The high precision and cleanliness of our solutions makes them excellently suited to medical applications, for example.  

Our ARRALYZE technology can make single cell analysis quicker and more efficient, thus making this technology accessible to a large number of people in the medium term. We are pleased that our Solar segment makes a direct contribution to climate protection by developing and manufacturing solutions for the more affordable production of even more efficient solar modules. We will continue to invest a double-digit percentage of our revenue in research and development every year as part of our commitment to innovation – the results of which will benefit our company and our stakeholders in the long term.  

Needless to say, sustainability is important to us as it is to our customers. We have set ourselves the target of making our production carbon neutral by 2030. In our own value creation, we design processes to be environmentally friendly and take care to conserve resources. Our products already have a low carbon footprint, and we intend to reduce this even further. We also ensure that sustainability standards are complied with and established even more firmly throughout our supply chain.  

We are happy to be measured by our progress. For example, sustainability in the supply chain and reducing carbon emissions have been components of Management Board remuneration since 2021, and these KPIs have also been included in the remuneration system for executives since 2022. After all, the only way to achieve our ambitious goals is by working together. 

We are delighted that our continued efforts and initiatives are also reflected in our ESG ratings. Our key ratings have improved considerably compared with the previous year, and we intend to continue on the path we have taken.  

We have been an official member of the UN Global Compact since November 2021. We support the principles of the UNGCs in the areas of human and employee rights, environmental aspects, and combating corruption. Our aim is to combine our strengths in order to actively advance the United Nations goals and continuously improve our own performance. 

Responsible action is and remains one of the guiding principles of our company and the basis for the success we have enjoyed since our foundation in 1976. We are committed to continuing to develop advanced, cutting-edge technologies while acting responsibly. This will benefit society as well as our shareholders and employees. We would like to thank everyone who is helping to shape our path to a more sustainable future.  

With kind regards, 

Klaus Fiedler


Christian Witt


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