ESG Statement of the Management Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, 


LPKF understands sustainability to mean acting responsibly to achieve and promote lasting economic success as well as ecological and social progress. For us, this is not a new trendy topic, but a core element of our corporate roots and an integral part of our strategy. 

With the first LPKF systems in 1976, we already made it possible for our customers to replace chemical processes with a mechanical process or later also with a laser process. Offering customers an efficient, cost- and resource-saving and sustainable process has been a key driving factor at LPKF from the very beginning and is now an overriding corporate goal.

We see great opportunities for LPKF in the growing importance of sustainability. We grow with products and technologies that benefit society and reduce environmental impact. Our lasers operate contact-free, clean and fast with low energy consumption. In this way, in addition to product innovations, we help our customers save energy and raw materials through modern, more precise manufacturing processes. In the solar sector, we enable our customers to manufacture thin-film solar modules with higher efficiency. With our new ARRALYZE technology, we make it possible to screen large cell populations cost-effectively  - an important step towards new therapeutic approaches for serious diseases and towards personalized medicine.

In our own value creation, we design processes in an environmentally friendly way and take care to save resources. We already have a low CO footprint in the manufacture of our products and aim to improve this further. In our supply chain, we also ensure that sustainability standards are complied with and further established along the supply chain. We work in partnership with employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders and promote more diversity, variety and international cooperation in our workforce.

In order to continuously improve in this respect and to involve our workforce more broadly, we have identified the ESG issues that are of particular importance to us in a cross-site project in 2021 and set ourselves concrete targets for the coming years. In our view, two important goals are the reduction of CO emissions and a higher recycling rate. We were able to complete the ISO certification of our environmental management and occupational safety processes both as early as 2021.

In the close cooperation between colleagues, we have jointly experienced the energy and passion with which employees in all areas support these efforts and actively drive them forward with their own ideas. We will continue to do so in the future.

We have been an official member of the UN Global Compact since November 2021. We support the UNGC's principles in the areas of human and labor rights, environmental aspects, and anti-corruption. We want to actively support the goals of the United Nations and continuously improve in the process.

For further information and facts & figures, please refer to our non-financial report.

Yours sincerely

Klaus Fiedler


Christian Witt


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