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Automotive Parts

High-quality plastics – high-quality joints

Fast 24/7 production thanks to laser plastic welding

With our highly-specialized laser machines for joining plastics, LPKF is an important partner for the automotive industry. Profit from our many years of experience in the automotive business. For your best-in-class products.

Discover the advantages of laser plastic welding with LPKF.

  • Revolutionary simplicity in setting up projects using intuitive software and an optimized machine control system
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • 24/7 production with a high throughput
  • Maximum geometric freedom for large and small components: from continuous taillights to fittings to small electronic housings
  • Visually and functionally perfect welding results up to protection class IP67
  • Calibrated machines for reproducible results on all LPKF machines worldwide

Application gallery

Laser weldes taillight
Diversity of 3D Shapes

Taillight - precisely welded with PowerWeld 3D 8000

Laser welded valve
Cylindrical Single Valve

Valves: reliably and securely joined - quickly and easily

Laser welded tire pressure sensor
Heavy-duty Use

Withstands any pressure: laser-welded tire pressure sensor

Sensor for adjusting seat comfort
Complex Channels

Contour-perfect welding makes for comfort in vehicles

Laser welded backlit doorstep
Premium Look

Backlit doorstep of a premium class car

Just the right machine for your application

Perfect for your plastic joint

No matter how different the demands may be... LPKF has just the right low-maintenance, high-availability laser welding machine on hand for joining plastics in the automotive industry.

It goes without saying that we will factor in your production environment. Our stand-alone laser welding machines are used in primarily manual production. We will provide you with our integration solutions for automated production. And, beyond this, if you prefer solutions with automated assembly, we will put together a suitable system of this kind for you as well.

Look here to see an overview – or click directly on our product finder on the right.

Products for the automotive sector

From the transmittance measuring instrument for the optimum preparation of laser plastic welding processes to stand-alone laser welding machines to an automated system solution for your production line... LPKF makes high-quality plastic joints possible for each and every production environment.

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