Electronics Manufacturing

High Yield, High Throughput
Drilling of Blind- and Through-hole Vias

Electronics Manufacturing

Drilling of Blind-
and Through-hole Vias

Laser drilling and cutting for PCB shops

Stress-free processing of rigid PCBs, FPCBs and coverlays

With easy handling, a small footprint and short changeover times LPKF laser systems offer best-in-class solutions to help customers compete in today's on-demand world. The laser allows for maximum use of the base material and production time.

Your benefits with LPKF's new CleanCut and short pulse technology

LPKF's CleanCut technology works in the optimum pulse duration range for PCB material processing. Within the short pulse regime the pulse duration plays a major role in processing efficiency. Industrial applications in which the total processing time is important benefit significantly from using specialized laser technology.

Increased Yield

Micro via drilling: Increased yield in the plating steps as a result of high-quality vias with perfect via shape.

Increased Reliability

Cutting: Unique and proven CleanCut technology drives carbonization down to zero for increased reliability and life-time of PCBs.

Increased Productivity

Coverlay cutting: Dust- and burr-free cutting increases productivity. No cleaning required.

Increased Profit

New opportunities: Impressive line/space ratio of below 20 µm enables next-generation products to be created-- flexibly, precisely, and rapidly.

New LPKF PicoLine laser systems

Clean cuts and precise vias – Surpassing industrial standards.

Based on the MicroLine platform, LPKF has developed a solution for meeting even higher demands on laser manufacturing quality: LPKF PicoLine. With this new laser system, LPKF meets the highest expectations regarding quality and cutting speed.

The system increases yield and production efficiency in PCB processing – resulting in fast return on investment. Equipped with a pico-second laser, the ultra-short pulse laser system LPKF PicoLine 5000 stands for highly precise positioning and accurate processing of PCB materials such as FR4 and PI-, LCP-, and PTFE-FPC in all industry-standard panel sizes.

Due to the CleanCut shortpulse technology, the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of the material becomes negligible.

 Fields of application

The LPKF laser solutions are specifically designed for micromachining applications in a 24/7 manufacturing environment where system uptime is critical. The LPKF laser systems are proving their worth in many industries when it comes to advanced precision micromachining applications, especially in high-speed and high-quality PCB-related applications.

LPKF has developed laser microvia processes to work with a very wide range of materials and via shapes to fit your designs and need for process efficiency.


  • Space savings
  • Circuit reliability
  • RF line termination
  • Clean, smooth side walls


Typical Materials

  • Liquid cristal polymers (LCPs)
  • Polyimide (PI)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

We are capable of handling other materials and compounds if your design calls for them. Please let us know what your requirements are.

PCB Routing

The LPKF lasers are suitable for cutting all industry-standard panel sizes with dimensions of up to 533 x 610 mm (2'' x 2''). The 20-μm high-quality UV laser kerf width allows for cutting of even the most delicate contours at high speeds.

PCB Skiving

Laser skiving is a selective ablation process that can remove one material with or without affecting an underlying material. Laser skiving can be performed to clear all dielectric material or to stop without cutting all the way through. Please also see "ablation of inorganic material from organic material."


Depending on the material and its depth, cavities produced by laser may exhibit tapered walls. LPKF cutting techniques allow for steep side walls with perfect geometries.

Coverlay Cutting
  • Effective cutting speed up to 500 mm/s, dependent on materials and layout
  • Clean cutting edges: no heat-affected zone (HAZ), no carbonization
  • Smooth cuts: no burr or bulging; burr height reduced to less than 10 μm.
  • Uncontaminated surfaces: no particles, dust or dirt
System in Package (SIP) Cutting

The laser systems specifically tailored to the needs of the electronics industry are capable of cutting and opening or drilling a variety of IC compounds:

  • Curved cuts with extremely fine outlines Clean side walls,
  • Virtually no burring
  • Small heat-affected zone
  • High positioning precision
Ablation of Inorganic Layers From Organic Substrates

Reliable and cost-efficient ablation of thin metal layers from thin organic substrates enables new solutions, e.g., for OLED display manufacturing.

Ablation of Organic Layers From Inorganic Substrates

A typical application for laser processing: precise, cost-efficient ablation of thin organic layers from inorganic substrates.

 Consulting and Sample Support

LPKF’s mission is to provide a long-term, trusting business relationship with all of our customers. We engage potential customers by offering to process custom sample panels. This initial panel evaluation is to assure all parties that the LPKF laser will meet the potential customer’s requirements for cycle-time, accuracy, precision and quality.

Learn more about our global service network with fast response times in the service section. Various concepts for extended warranty and care-free maintenance contracts are available.

Choose from the LPKF system portfolio

Various laser options and levels of system capabilities allow you to find the right balance between cost and quality. Both for special applications and for high-volume production LPKF laser processing equipment is highly productive.

  • The systems work as standalone units or as components of fully integrated production lines.
  • The systems can be adapted to various handling requirements of the electronics industry.
  • Portfolio includes UV-lasers, green lasers and IR-lasers.
  • LPKF MicroLine systems work with pulse durations in the nano second range.
  • LPKF PicoLine systems work with pulse durations in the pico second range.


Multipurpose Tools

The field proven LPKF MicroLine 2000 systems feature UV-laser sources. This makes them a versatile tool for the PCB industry.

The high-quality attributes of the UV wavelength of the laser allow for the laser drilling and cutting of delicate materials with minimal heat affected zone.

The PicoLine 5000 systems incorporate LPKF CleanCut Technology. The large processing area is suitable for all common panel formats. Different laser power variants allow a wide range of materials to be processed with the utmost precision and speed.


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