Cutting of PCB Materials

Research & In-house PCB Prototyping

Cutting of PCB Materials
Separating RF circuit board materials

Research & In-house PCB Prototyping

Separating RF circuit
board materials

PCB cutting

Depaneling of PCBs for a wide variety of materials

Depending on the requirements profiles, basically one of two production variants can be selected: mechanical structuring by means of milling or laser structuring. A cutting contour can be implemented in a few minutes.

Easy and flexible

Detaching of the printed circuit boards from the base material is a task that is performed by the LPKF ProtoMats or ProtoLasers. One or more boards are arranged on a base material and separated using a milling tool or an LPKF ProtoLaser. An extensive parameter/tool library delivers the settings for the most important materials. Creation of panels is also optimally supported by the LPKF software.

PCB depaneling with a Circuit board plotter
Mechanical depaneling

Special milling tools on the LPKF ProtoMats depanel standard printed circuit board materials such as FR4 and FR5 effectively and quickly. The higher the rotational speed, the finer the tools that can be used for milling. This is especially advantageous for base materials for RF applications.

PCB depaneling with a laser
Laser depaneling

The LPKF ProtoLaser systems can be used for separating tabs and cutting complex contours. The laser used is optimal for making clean, burr-free cuts in FR4, FR5, and CEM materials, ceramics, polyimides, RF materials, and other circuit board substrates.

Cutting and drilling of board materials
Cutting and drilling of board materials

Besides depaneling, mechanical or laser-assisted machining can be performed on many board materials using LPKF systems. The figure above shows a polyimide stencil manufactured mechanically using a ProtoMat. Find out more about micro material processing in the lab.

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