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Education at LPKF


LPKF offers a wide range of attractive apprenticeships.

Find out why education is so important to us, what opportunities we can offer you and what makes studying with us so special.

LPKF - a good choice for a good education

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE and its subsidiaries in Fürth and Suhl are looking for the successful employees of the future. For this reason, the company actively fosters the development of every single apprentice. LPKF covers the costs for educational materials, external seminars and exam preparation.

First a good education, then a good job and finally professional development. After your apprenticeship, study or complete further training to become a business administrator/economist or technician/foreman? No problem at LPKF! Almost all apprentices to date have seamlessly continued their professional development at LPKF after their exam.

Smaller projects where apprentices work independently give them confidence in presenting and prepare them for their final exam. The teaching session is held weekly. There, the apprentices prepare homework, presentations or seminars for school together.
To gain insights into all lines of business, the apprentices should work at different locations. At the subsidiary LaserMicronics, for example, they carry out small manufacturing orders directly with LPKF lasers – a venture into manufacturing practice.

Here you can discover what else speaks in favor of LPKF as an employer.

Apprenticeships at LPKF

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships at our German locations in Garbsen, Fürth and Suhl.

  • Electronics engineer for automation (Fürth, Suhl)
  • Electronics engineer for devices and systems (Suhl)
  • IT specialist in application development (Garbsen, Fürth)
  • IT specialist in system integration (Garbsen, Fürth)
  • Expert in warehouse logistics (Fürth)
  • Industrial manager (Garbsen, Fürth)
  • Mechatronics engineer (Garbsen, Fürth)
  • Technical product designer (Fürth)
  • Cutting machine operator (Fürth)

You can find further information about the different professions on our German webpages.


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