Laser Induced Deep Etching (LIDE)

Thin Glass Precision Processing

Laser Induced
Deep Etching (LIDE)
Glass processing with LIDE for micro system solutions

Thin Glass Precision Processing

Laser Induced
Deep Etching (LIDE)
Through glass vias made with LIDE technology for semiconductor applications

Thin Glass Precision Processing

Through Glass Vias

Deep Micro-Structures in Glass

No special glass required, no chipping, no micro cracks

The LIDE technology (Laser Induced Deep Etching) developed by LPKF is a new enabling technology for a wide range of applications in microsystems technology. The needs of end customers and their business models are as varied as the applications. We aim to offer all potential LIDE customers the most easy, barrier-free access to the technology. Our customers therefore benefit from access to production service solutions as well as from equipment solutions for selected applications and manufacturing environments.

LIDE Technology Production Services


Do you work for a "Fab Less" company or an OEM who does not want to deal with the integration of a new, multi-stage manufacturing process?

Then our production service offer is the right choice for you. With the Vitrion-Precision-Glass-Processing-Service you determine the design of the glass components and we take care of manufacturing them economically and based on our LIDE process.

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LIDE Technology for ODM/OEM Customers


You are convinced that deep microstructures in glass can help you make your products better and would like to integrate the LIDE technology into your manufacturing process chain?

We can help you and offer special laser machines for different production environments:


You want to know more? Then you are welcome to contact us.

LIDE Production Systems


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