LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2

Reflow oven for lead-free SMD soldering

LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2

Table-top reflow oven with nitrogen atmosphere

The LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 reflow soldering oven is particularly suitable for PCB prototyping. With a maximum temperature of 320°C, it is perfect for soldering lead-free solder.



The LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 is very easy to operate using the four navigation keys and has numerous pre-programmed process profiles. The LCD monitor and intuitive software complement the operator-specific functions. A large viewing opening of the reflow oven allows the control of the running process. All process parameters can be adjusted, managed and archived with the PC. The data is transferred to the PC via a USB interface.


LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 with protective gas option

The LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 can be externally connected to an inert gas supply via a digital flow controller. The nitrogen atmosphere significantly reduces oxidation during the soldering process and thus optimizes the solder joints.


Optional additional temperature sensor

The LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 can be extended by four variable temperature sensors. These record the temperature values on components or on the printed circuit board. The temperature profile can be output and checked in real time via a PC monitor.



LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 (pdf - 168 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF ProtoPrint S/-RP

The LPKF ProtoPrint S/-RP tabletop systems are manual SMD fine-pitch stencil printer for precise application of solder paste to circuit boards.

The LPKF ProtoPlace S places the components on the solder paste pads. The system pneumatically lowers the components and places them precisely.

The LPKF reflow oven is used for SMD soldering, also with lead-free, RoHS-compliant solder. The system also cures the ProConduct through-hole plating paste.

The ProtoFlow E is the entry-level model for reflow soldering.

With LPKF ProMask, printed circuit boards can be quickly and easily equipped with solder resist masks. The LPKF ProLegend assembly print identifies the position of the components on the printed circuit board and can be used for any labeling. Both processes are based on manual lacquer application.

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