LPKF ProtoLaser R4

Infinite Laser Processing on Innovative Materials

  • Precision picosecond lasers for innovative research
  • Nondamaging processing of heat-sensitive materials
  • Intuitive CAM software
  • Ready-to-use laser class 1 laboratory system
LPKF ProtoLaser R4 prototyping laser system

Short Laser Pulses – Nondamaging Material Processing

An important parameter in the laser microprocessing of materials is the pulse width. The LPKF ProtoLaser R4 with picosecond-fast laser pulses allows for extremely precise structuring of delicate substrates and cutting of hardened or fired technical substrates.

Short Laser Pulses – Nondamaging Material Processing

Laser Ablation with Practically No Heat Input

In laser technology, the shorter the laser pulse, the lower the heat input into the surrounding material. With a picosecond laser, an important hurdle is over-come: there is practically no heat transfer; the targeted material evaporates immediately.

Specialist for Micromaterial Processing

This thermal effect is important for both the cutting and the surface processing of temperature-sensitive materials. The laser offers a very high pulse energy for cutting, for example, ceramic materials such as Al2O3 or GaN without discoloring the materials in the machin-ing process. Thanks to the low heat input, no micro-cracks arise in the material.

Perfect Surfaces

Also for surface processing applications such as ablation of transparent thin films or detachment of metal layers on plastic foils, a very stable laser input at a low laser power is required. The LPKF ProtoLaser R4 can easily straddle these diverging requirements. Standard FR4 and laminated HF materials can be processed just as well with this machine.

Easy to Operate

The high-precision software and the integrated cam-era are supported by the user-friendly LPKF CircuitPro software. This enables the user to complete projects on challenging materials in the in-house lab in a very short time.

Application Examples


LPKF ProtoLaser R4 (pdf - 189 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

LPKF systems for Laser Structuring

LPKF ProtoLaser U4

Thanks to the specific wavelength of the UV laser, the ProtoLaser U4 can structure, engrave and cut materials in a single operation. This laser system is stable in the lower power range so that even thin and organic layers can be processed with minimal heat transfer.

ProtoLaser R4 -- picosecond laser

Laser ablation with practically no heat transfer: The shorter the processing pulse, the less heat is transferred to the adjacent material. The picosecond laser of the ProtoLaser R4 clears - an important hurdle falls: There is no more heat transfer to speak of, with the material struck by the laser evaporating right away.

LPKF ProtoLaser S4

The compact laser system produces precise, fine structures for demanding PCBs in a very short time. Using a special process, the ProtoLaser S4 quickly removes large copper areas from laminated substrates such as FR4. The ProtoLaser S4 also delivers excellent results on special materials for RF applications.

The Tabletop system enables efficient prototyping of digital and analog circuits, RF and microwave PCBs -- even for multilayer PCBs. It achieves precise geometries on virtually any material with the laser tool. Precise drilling and milling even of thick substrates using mechanical drilling.


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