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Multilayer Circuit Boards

Production of up to eight layers in-house

LPKF offers a complete prototyping product line for production of multilayers in an in-house lab. The multilayers are produced in three simple steps: structuring, lamination, and through-hole plating.

A printed circuit board composed of several layers

A multilayer is made up of multiple layers that are laminated together to form a printed circuit board. The outer layersof a multilayer are usually single-sided PCBs, whereas the inner layers are double-sided materials. Insulating layers, so-called prepregs,are inserted between the conductive layers. Up to four layers can be through-hole plated in a chemical-free process. For electrical connection of up to eight layers through-hole electroplating is recommended.

Three steps to a multilayer

Structuring of traces

An LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotter or an LPKF ProtoLaser structures the traces on the base material using the layout data. Supported by automatic tool change and a camera for recording of fiducials, the system accomplishes this layer by layer – nearly automatically.

Pressing of structured PCB layers

The structured layers are precisely stacked. Between the layers, “prepregs” insulate the traces on the different layers. During lamination the prepregs connect the layers. The LPKF MultiPress S4 hydraulic press performs the task of lamination– with perfect results, even for HF multilayers, thanks to preset process profiles.

Through-hole plating of the multilayer printed circuit board
Through-hole plating

The electrical connections between the individual layers form the final conductor structure. The LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotter drills the through-holes. LPKF ProConduct is used for electrical connection – in a chemical-free process using a special conductive paste. For more than four layers, through-hole electroplating is recommended.

Videos Inhouse PCB Multilayer Process

Systems for Multilayer Production

Through-hole plating
LPKF ProtoMat S104 cirrcuit board plotter

The LPKF ProtoMat S104 is the system of the ProtoMat S family with automatic tool change, vacuum table and camera for optical registration of the register marks. Automatic milling width adjustment ensures precise PCB structures with identical milling channels.

LPKF ProtoLaser S4

With the LPKF ProtoLaser S4, it only takes a few minutes from the layout to the structured circuit board - exact geometries on many substrates. The ProtoLaser S4 can also reliably process copper surfaces with inhomogeneities up to 6 μm and is ideally suited for the production of multilayers.

LPKF MultiPress S4

The stand-alone system with intuitive software, predefined process settings for common materials and a large touchscreen makes laminating very easy. The vacuum function and precise temperature and pressure profiles are the key to success.

LPKF ProConduct

The electrical connections between the individual layers are made by LPKF ProConduct, a chemical-free system specially developed for laboratory use. If there are more than four layers, galvanic through-hole plating is recommended.


LPKF Contac S4

With multilayers, the connection of layers with vias is of particular importance. The classical galvanic process is obligatory for six layers or more. The LPKF Contac S4 table system is easy and safe to operate without chemical knowledge.


8-Layer Multilayer in Your Own Lab – LPKF MultiPress S4 (pdf - 271 KB)
LPKF MultiPress S4 (pdf - 146 KB)
LPKF Multilayer Technology for the Laboratory (pdf - 459 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

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