LPKF ProtoMat S104

Circuit board plotter for the RF and microwave range

  • Highest available speed (100,000 rpm)
  • Optical register mark recognition
  • 20 tool change positions
  • Granite base for highest accuracy results
LPKF ProtoMat S64 circuit board plotter

Professional In-house PCB Prototyping

Top-class model with fully automatic operation

From design to finished PCB prototype in just a few hours - LPKF systems make it possible. The versatile PCB circuit board plotters fit as table systems into any development environment and cover the entire spectrum from analog to RF applications.

Machining PCBs with LPKF ProtoMat S104

Fast and Precise

The ProtoMat S104 works particularly fast and precisely with a speed of 100000 RPM, high positioning speed and high mechanical resolution. In combination with the machine’s stable granite base, this ensures optimum accuracy for drilling and milling of even very fine structures. The high-frequency milling spindle and the milling depth sensor are self-cleaning and therefore low-maintenance.

Fully Automatic

The easy-to-use package makes things easy for users of the ProtoMat S104. Sensor-controlled, the material and copper thickness are measured automatically and enable the exact calculation of the required milling depth. The machine, which is well equipped with 20 tool positions, automatically changes the corresponding tools during the production process. Depending on the intrusion depth, the conical milling cutters generate different insulation channels. The automatic milling width adjustment also ensures that the milling contour has a constant and correct width. The short set-up time and the operator-free machining enables the user to achieve short process times.

2,5 Dimensional

With its Z-axis drive, the ProtoMat S104 is ideal for machining front panels and enclosures – or for depth milling in printed circuit boards. It is also easy to machine assembled PCBs and to produce plastic mounts.

Intuitive: The Software

The system software in the ProtoMat S104 is highly flexible and easy to operate. The software is designed in order to meet the particularly high requirements of RF applications. A parameter library for different materials supports user-friendly operation.

Solder paste dispenser

An integrated dispenser (available as optional extra) can fully automatically apply solder paste to solder pads. An additional data calculation is not necessary.


Printed circuit board
Structuring printed circuit boards

The devices mill the PCB structure from a fully coated base material. High-speed spindles with speeds from 60000 to 100000 rpm, a resolution down to 0.25 µm (0.01 mil) and very high repeat accuracy ensure the production of the finest structures. For RF and microwave applications, the ProtoMat S103 fully utilizes its high spindle speed and impresses with particularly clean structuring results.

Flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit board
Flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards

Such printed circuit boards are difficult to fix on the work surface - a vacuum table solves this problem. The relatively soft material can be easily processed with RF tools.


Several smaller layouts can be accommodated on one base material. The ProtoMats are ideally suited for milling them out of the base material as printed circuit boards. In the case of pre-separated panels, ProtoMats can be used to separate the breakout tabs.

Engraving and cutting plastic and aluminium
Engraving and cutting plastic and aluminium

All circuit board plotters can structure, drill mounting holes and engrave front panels. The ProtoMats S64 and S104 have a 2.5D capability, which also allows pockets or deeper cut-outs to be made in housing parts.

Milling solder paste stencils
Milling solder paste stencils

For prototyping, milled polyimide stencils are a good alternative to steel stencils. They can be produced in-house in a few minutes. The milling data can be generated directly from LPKF CircuitPro.

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LPKF ProtoMat S-Line

LPKF circuit board plotters at a glance

Specialist for RF and microwave applications, fully equipped for the electronics laboratory.

Allrounder for Rapid PCB Prototyping. The basic system for almost all in-house PCB prototyping applications.

The cost-effective entry into the world of professional in-house PCB prototyping.

Comparison LPKF Circuit Board Plotters

Milling / Drilling of 1- & 2-sided circuit boards
Milling / Drilling RF-, Microwave-Substrates-
Milling / drilling of multilayers up to 8 layers
Routing of printed circuit boards
Engraving of front panels / signs--
Milling cut-outs in front panels
Milling of SMD solder paste stencils-
Machining of housings-
Milling of solder frames-
Depaneling, reworking of printed circuit boards-
Drilling of test adapters-
Inspection Templates-


LPKF ProtoMat S104 (pdf - 177 KB)
Rapid PCB Prototyping Product Catalog (pdf - 3 MB)
LPKF TechGuide Rapid PCB Prototyping (pdf - 3 MB)

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