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Vitrion S 5000

LIDE production system for processing glass wafers for future packaging and semiconductor applications.

AMP 3000

The laser system for the AMP technology to electrically functionalize the real-estate of the Epoxy Mold Compound.

CuttingMaster 3000

The most precise laser depaneling systems with a large working area of 500 mm x 350 mm.

CuttingMaster 2000

Compact and extremely cost-efficient: Flexibility, space saving, design freedom - depaneling by laser opens up numerous potentials.

MicroCut 6080

The new benchmark for extremely small apertures in stencil sheets.

PowerCut 6080

Cuts thick metal sheets - up to 4 mm (150 mil) - with micrometer accuracy.

StencilLaser G 6080

The most productive and fastest cutting system for SMT stencils.

StencilLaser P 6060

The LPKF StencilLaser P 6060 is a state-of-the-art laser system for the production of SMT stencils.

PicoLine 5000

High-performance laser systems equipped with a large working area, CleanCut Technology and short-pulse technology. Variants for automated handling are available.

MicroLine 5000

The MicroLine 5000 is a cost-efficient laser drilling and cutting system with a large working area, specifically tailored to the needs of the PCB industry. The system is suitable for the singulation of IC Compounds.

Fusion3D 1100

The LPKF Fusion3D 1100 laser structuring system is a cost-effective entry into the 3D circuit market.

Fusion3D 1200

Equipped with a high-quality rotary indexing table, small, medium and large series of 3D circuit carriers can be produced particularly economically.

Fusion3D 1500

The LPKF Fusion3D 1500 combines the power of LPKF's high-performance structuring machines with the flexibility of a compact system.