LPKF RadialWeld 2000

Economical and Compact

  • Laser integration head for radial and contour welding

  • Fixed spot size with defined working distance

  • Flexible laser system for easy integration – welding
    head and external control

  • Up to 320 W air cooled laser source

  • Pyrometer process control with LPKF
    WeldApp Monitoring

  • Flexible mounting to production lines

Economical, modular and compact

The brand new LPKF RadialWeld 2000 is the newest and most compact integration machine within the LPKF RadialWeld series.

This modular system consists of a super-compact welding head with a fixed optic for creating a defined spot size within a certain working distance. Around that beam spot the integrator can move and rotate a part for laser welding. For radial welding moving the product circular around that spot, for contour welding moving the part on a x/y axis system.


The laser source itself as well as control units are all stored in an external cabinet. With a flexible adapter plate, the welding head can be easily mounted to specific production line interfaces. The system can be equipped with different air-cooled laser sources which makes the RadialWeld 2000 very energy efficient and ecological. As an further option – the air-cooled laser source can also be installed in a separate laser box.


Option: external air-cooled laser box for more flexibility

Flexible adjustable mechanic interface


FLY_RadialWeld_2000_EN.pdf (pdf - 225 KB)

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