Measuring Device

Material qualification by transmission measurement

  • Calibrated measuring device
  • Measures the transparency properties of plastics
  • Detects material deviations caused by injection moulding
  • Results in a few seconds

Material Qualification

Quality inspection prior to laser processing

The optical transmission of the plastics is a decisive factor for the quality of the joining result. Checking the material properties before laser plastic welding pays off as part of a comprehensive quality assurance system.

Inspection of the Preliminary Products

Users measure the transmission properties of plastics with the calibrated LPKF TMG 3. Only a few seconds are needed to verify that the actual transparency values correspond to the target values of the process definition. Material deviations from preliminary processes (compounding or injection moulding) are therefore detected before an unsuitable component enters the production process. The LPKF TMG 3 is calibrated with a measuring standard generated according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 before delivery and shipped with a factory calibration certificate.

Application Examples

Integrated systems for laser plastic welding are used in production lines with high throughput or/and high quality demands, such as those in the automotive industry. They are controlled directly by the machine interface. The production takes place on a continuous line. If the TMG 3 transmission measuring device is connected directly in upstream mode, quality losses caused by injection moulding inaccuracies, for example, can be avoided.

Color Properties

Plastics of different colours have different transmission values that need to be tested.

Tested Materials Match

Here, two components fit together in terms of their material properties.

Welding Results Tested

The laser-absorbing component does not always have to be black.


LPKF TMG 3 (pdf - 347 KB)

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