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Fabricate your own PCB: working from left to right with all the required tools. Use your mouse to try it out.

Milling and Drilling the PCB

The first process step reproduces the conductor paths on the base material through mechanical routing or laser structuring. Depending on the job requirements this can be done with a PCB plotter or laser system.

ProtoMat for Milling and Drilling PCBs

The LPKF ProtoMat Series PCB plotters will mill and drill PCBs with high precision. Close to series results are achieved within a short period and circuits can be tested right away. In addition various applications can be implemented, e.g. multilayers, housings, front plates and more. The series features models for novices as well as experienced pros.


ProtoLaser for Laser Machining PCBs

The laser systems in the ProtoLaser series use a laser to structure the conductive pattern. They cut individual PCBs from large circuit boards, cut LTCC and prepreg and drill holes and microvias in PTFE and ceramic filled circuit board substrates. The precision of the laser technology allows for extremely complex circuits. It can handle digital and analogue circuits and RF- and microwave circuit boards up to a size of 229 x 305 mm. Circuitries can be produced on PET film, FR4, ceramic and HF substrates.


Through-Plating With and Without Chemicals

Multiple levels of circuits are connected with through plating. Once a circuit board plotter has drilled the holes the electrical contacts can be applied with paste or chemicals. For through-plating with paste we offer the LPKF ProConduct set. The desktop electroplating systems LPKF Contac and MiniContac use chemicals.

ProConduct for Through-Plating With Paste

LPKF ProConduct eliminates wet chemicals from the lab: circuit boards are through-plated with conductive paste. A vacuum draws it through the holes after which it is cured in an oven. The method is reliable and easy to use.

Contac S4 for Galvanic Through-Plating

LPKF Contac S4The LPKF Contac S4 is a system for galvanic through-plating of circuit board prototypes and small batches. Reverse pulse plating ensures an even copper deposit and will even achieve solid results with small hole sizes. It is also ideal for producing multilayer circuit boards. The LPKF Contac S4 can be used for circuit boards with a size of up to  230 x 330 mm.

MultiPress for Bonding Multilayer Circuits

09_MultiPressThe desktop system bonds multilayers with up to eight layers in one single process. Pressure, temperature and bonding time can be adjusted for the material. All process parameters can be accessed through preprogrammed profiles or stored as a new profile. A cycle takes only about 90 minutes.


Pressing Multilayers

The third step bonds multiple layers into one solid laminate – the multilayer. Achieving a solid bond in a variety of different materials requires following the exact temperature, laminating pressure and bonding time. The multilayer press LPKF MultiPress will do this for circuit boards with up to eight layers.

Applying Solder Resist Mask and Assembly print

Prior to assembly a solder resist mast is applied to prevent short circuits during the soldering process, and the assembly print to mark component locations. LPKF ProMask and ProLegend will perform this task in just a few steps by applying lacquer.

ProMask and ProLegend for Applying Solder Resist Mask and Assembly Print

12_ProMaskThe LPKF ProMask makes applying green solder resist masks easy and cost efficient. The surface finish ensures the components are safe during the soldering process. LPKF ProLegend will produce the assembly print, logos and markings. A laser printer prints the structures onto a transparency and a photochemical production process transfers it onto the previously applied lacquer.

LPKF ProtoPrint for Applying Soldering Paste

13_ProtoPrintLPKF ProtoPrint is a system for manually applying soldering paste onto circuit boards. The system is very accurate and easy to use and compatible with stainless steel or polyimide film stencils. The stencils are stretched into a frame, aligned on the circuit board and coated with paste. The soldering paste printer is available in various models for pros and novices.


LPKF ProtoPlace for Assembly

Once the soldering paste has been applied the LPKF ProtoPlace will position the components on the surface of the circuit board. Accurate placement is key for an optimal contact: the circuit board is adjusted with micrometer screws before the component is placed on it. The pick and place system is available in various models for pros and novices.

LPKF ProtoFlow for SMD Reflow Soldering

15_ProtoFlowFollowing assembly the circuit boards are soldered inside the LPKF ProtoFlow reflow oven. This process is compatible with both leaded and lead-free soldering pastes. The system can handle circuit boards up to 229 mm x 305 mm in size with a maximum temperature of 320°C. The soldering process can be split into five temperature phases and stored as a profile. LPKF ProtoFlow can also cure adhesive and conductive polymer. The oven is available in various models for pros and novices.

Applying Soldering Paste, Assembly and Curing

16_LeiterplatteThe final process step adds soldering paste to all component contact points. Components are then placed on the circuit board with pinpoint precision. Inside the SMD soldering oven the fusing soldering paste connects with the components. LPKF offers systems for applying soldering paste, assembly and reflow soldering for each of these three steps.

Meet LPKF at the Expo

Come visit one of our expo booths to see the benefits LPKF technologies and systems have in store for you. View our expo calendar and schedule an appointment. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

LPKF ProtoMat E34 / E44

LPKF ProtoMat E34 / E44 - The entry level systems

Barely larger than a size A3 sheet of paper: the LPKF ProtoMat E-Series are economical and compact circuit board plotter for machining circuit boards without wet chemicals. They will structure single- or double-sided circuit boards, drill holes for through-plating, cut individual boards from the base material and can even engrave front plates for housings.


See the Comic Strip

The hero in this comic strip makes a finished PCB prototype in only one day. Just like in real life!

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Product Catalog with Tech-Guide

Browse our entire circuit type prototyping product line online. The technology guide in the appendix explains the process steps in detail and contains handy tips. A free copy of the catalog is also available by mail.


Tools for Circuit Board Plotters

The quality of the tool determines its life. That’s why we only buy high-quality tools adapted specifically to our systems.


23_MaterialOur shop offers all the materials for producing professional circuit boards. The assortment ranges from copper-clad base materials to through-plating paste all the way to cleaning pads.

PCB Production in Training

Practice is the key to success for teachers and students alike. Training facilities, however, often have a smaller budget. LPKF offers custom solutions for this type of situation. View our brochure to discover solutions offering the perfect combination if theory and practice.

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World of Applications

Aside from circuit boards the LPKF product range can be used for many other applications and a variety of materials. Visit our website for a brief overview.


LPKF CircuitPro System Software

Every circuit board plotter includes the LPKF CircuitPro software. It edits the design data for the circuit board plotter and features a wizard to guide the user through the manufacturing process step by step.

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