Manufacture PCB prototypes quickly and easily in-house
Why wait a long time?
Manufacture PCB prototypes
quickly and easily in-house

PCB Prototypes rapidly and easily available

manufactured in your own lab

Did your PCB supplier also have to temporarily stop production? Are you also struggling with transport delays? Are you losing important time in your projects?

The good news is that…

it is much easier and faster to produce new circuit boards than you think: with one of the LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotters.


Take a look:

Circuit board plotter series LPKF ProtoMat

  • available immediately
  • easy installation by the user
  • no structural adjustments necessary
  • no etching chemistry needed
  • with integrated, intelligent software
  • intuitive operation                            
  • unaffected by external influence


Benefits of in-house production

  • Reduce R&D time, and thus overall time-to-market
  • Keep designs confidential and in-house
  • Freedom to create and experiment quickly and inexpensively
  • Rework, adjust, trim and tune existing PCB's
  • Compatibility to any CAD program using standardized file formats
  • Mill, drill, and route - the ProtoMat® functions as a PCB router and circuit tracer
  • Convenience right in your own lab


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