World Skills

The "World Skills" is the world championship of professions. It is first carried out regionally, then nationally and finally internationally. The part for electronics took place decentrally on 12.10. until 15.10. in Bern, Switzerland. Two LPKF employees with two ProtoMats were directly involved in the competition.

Traditionally, LPKF supports regional and global Wordskill events with on-demand on-site PCB prototyping. The participants are given specific tasks and the resulting circuit diagrams are evaluated. The participants in Bern had the challenge of designing their own PCB layout within three hours. Then they had to decide whether they wanted to use their own design made by LPKF on site or a pre-manufactured reference circuit board for the further assembly tasks. Fourteen out of seventeen chose their own design. These layouts were produced within a day with just two ProtoMats. 

A detailed report by event organizer Prof. Francesco Volpe from Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences on the reference circuit board is in preparation. 


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