Scientific Publications - with LPKF Systems

The LPKF systems cut a fine figure in prototyping, but also in scientific investigations. Our summary of the sites gives an overview of the art of research and directs interested parties to the sites.

Only one in seven references has to do with classic "electronics", others deal with sensors, robotics, medicine, microfluidics or actuators. It is without exception LPKF ProtoLasers that have contributed to the research results – with a clear preponderance of UV laser sources. No wonder, because UV lasers are true all-rounders in the research laboratory. The following works made it into the current overview:

  • ProtoLaser U3: Soft robot for drug delivery
  • ProtoLaser U3: Micro-roller for vein drug delivery
  • ProtoLaser U4: Larval fish-like robotic swimmers
  • ProtoLaser U3: Self-propelled protein motors
  • ProtoLaser R: Light-driven underwater locomotion
  • ProtoLaser U3: Light-addressable microfluidic biosensor
  • ProtoLaser S: Electrocaloric cooling

Die Zusammenfassung der Arbeiten und eine Verlinkung auf das veröffentlichende Institut finden Sie im LPKF Knowledge-Pool.


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