Cool Tools for Clean Cuts

PCB solutions
for Industry and Reseach

Clean, cold micro-processing

Innovative laser technology for highest quality demands

Whether a prototyping laboratory equipment or an industrial machine for large quantities: Our systems take care of high-precision PCB structuring, depaneling as well as contour cutting. Even the most delicate materials are machined precisely and cleanly - with minimal mechanical and thermal stress. For high yields at the highest level.

"Cold" Micro Material Machining

Ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers have gained much attention in the industry for micromachining applications when traditional manufacturing methods struggle to meet the needs for miniaturization, speed, quality or cost.

To achieve the benefits of cold ablation, which is related to the USP lasers, it is imperative to recognize the integration of machine components with beam parameters for effective material processing. We processed a wide variety of material types with pico-second lasers in the infrared, green and ultraviolet wavelength regimes. This experience helps us to find the right solution for your special application.

Whether research or industry: USP laser systems from LPKF open up new possibilities for PCB production.

Industrial Laser PCB Depaneling

Laser Depaneling with CleanCut Technology

Minimize stress, maximize yield: Stress free cutting of populated rigid and flexible PCBs

  • CleanCut Technology
  • Automated Handling
  • LPKF PicoLine Laser Systems: combine the speed of conventional systems with unprecedented precision and purity

For Research and Prototyping

PCB Prototyping at its best

Stress Free Cutting and Drilling of rigid Printed Circiut Boards, flexible PCBs and Coverlayer

  • Perfect for the Electronics Laboratory: Ultra-short pulse laser system ProtoLaser R
  • High-end processing of thin layers and sensitive surfaces
  • Fast and precise structuring, drilling and cutting without thermal stress
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