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LPKF Share

The LPKF Share

Information on LPKF Laser & Electronics AGs' share

 Share price

Master data LPKF share

Security Code Number (ISIN)DE0006450000
Market issuedPrime Standard
Market placesFrankfurt, Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart

Designated sponsor

Oddo Seydler Bank AG

Payment AgentDZ BANK AG, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main

Underwriting syndicate

Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG
Commerzbank AG
DG Bank AG (today DZ Bank AG)
M.M. Warburg & Co. KGaA

First trading day (Neuer Markt)

30 November 1998


Subscription price

6.34 €

Placement volume incl. Greenshoe


Pincipal value

1 €

Actual number of stocks


Shareholder structure

28.95 % of the shares are held by Joerg Bantleon as an anchor shareholder. This also includes the voting rights of German Technology AG, a subsidiary of Bantleon Bank, which are attributable to Joerg Bantleon.

71% of the LPKF Laser & Electronics AG’s shares are in Free Float. Each of the following investors holds more than 3% of the Free Float:

  • Foyer Finance through Luxempart
  • Lazard Frères Gestion (part of it held by von Sicav Objectif Small Caps Euro gehalten)
  • Société Générale S.A. (according to Art. 25a WpHG (financial instruments))

Shares held by asset managers and trust companies, funds and pension funds, or German or foreign investment firms in their respective investment funds are not considered long-term holdings.

For more details to the corresponding notifications of voting rights please click here.

(As of September 3, 2018)

Analysts' recommendations

Please note that opinions and estimates given by analysts or the press do not in all cases comply with opinions and estimates of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG accepts no liability for the selection, currentness, completeness or correctness of the recommendations and estimates shown. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG also accepts no liability for damages or losses incurred by third parties based on information published on this website.


InstituteAnalystRecommendationPrice targetDate
Hauck & AufhäuserAlina KöhlerBuy10.00 €15/05/2019
Warburg ResearchRobert-Jan van der HorstBuy11.00 €14/05/2019
Hauck & AufhäuserAlina KöhlerBuy10.00 €30/04/2019
Warburg ResearchRobert-Jan van der HorstBuy11.00 €29/04/2019
Quirin BankKlaus SoerBuy9.50 €07/02/2019
Warburg ResearchRobert-Jan van der HorstBuy9.00 €07/02/2019
Oddo BHF AGFelix LutzNeutral7.00 €21/11/2018
Warburg ResearchRobert-Jan van der HorstBuy7,80 €15/11/2018
Oddo BHF AGFelix LutzNeutral6,90 €11/07/2018
Warburg ResearchMarius FuhrbergHold7.60 €29/05/2018
Montega AGRobert-Jan van der HorstHold8.00 €25/04/2018
Montega AGRobert-Jan van der HorstSell8.00 €26/01/2018
EQUI.TS GmbHThomas J. SchießleBuy-----25/01/2018
Bankhaus LampeDr. Karsten IltgenHold8.00 €05/12/2017
Montega AGRobert-Jan van der HorstHold9.00 €15/11/2017
EQUI.TS GmbHThomas J. SchießleHold8.50 €15/11/2017
Montega AGRobert-Jan van der HorstHold9.00 €06/09/2017
DZ BankDirk Schlampsell6.10 €29/08/2017
Montega AGRobert-Jan van der HorstHold9.00 €15/08/2017
DZ BankDirk SchlampSell6/80 €15/08/2017
Oddo BHF AGDr. Oliver Pucker-----6.00 €15/08/2017
DZ BankDirk SchlampSell6.80 €22/05/2017
Oddo Seydler Bank AGDr. Oliver Pucker-----6.00 €11/05/2017
DZ BankDirk SchlampSell5.80 €07/04/2017
DZ BankDirk SchlampSell5.80 €22/03/2017
Oddo Seydler Bank AGDr. Oliver Pucker-----6.00 €22/03/2017
Quirin BankKlaus SoerBuy9.50 €13/02/2017
Hauck & AufhäuserTim WunderlichSell5.00 €08/02/2017
DZ BankDirk SchlampSell5.30 €07/02/2017
Montega AGChristoph RodlerHold7.50 €07/02/2017
Montega AGChristoph RodlerHold7.50 €14/12/2016
Bankhaus LampeDr. Karsten IltgenHold7.00 €30/11/2016
Oddo Seydler Bank AGDr. Oliver Pucker-----6.00 €15/11/2016
Hauck & AufhäuserTim WunderlichSale5.00 €14/11/2016
Quirin BankKlaus SoerBuy9.50 €04/11/2016


Bettina Schäfer
Manager Investor Relations (CIRO)
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
Osteriede 7
D-30827 Garbsen
Fon: +49 (0) 5131 7095-1382
Fax: +49 (0) 5131 7095-90