LPKF Software Solutions for Laser Plastic Welding

Laser plastic welding systems are much more than just hardware. Quality control, production efficiency, and safety of LPKF machines are based on a sophisticated programming and software structure. With the new software set up of LPKF WeldOS and its WeldApp store, LPKF is your strong partner.


LPKF WeldOS represents the welding operating system for the machine and all its relevant components like toolings, data interface communication and part handling. It covers all functions needed to ensure a proper and save operation of the machine.


LPKF WeldApps are representing the new framework of LPKF software solutions. With individual apps each for data traceability, process monitoring and automatic contour management, customers can choose for individual apps that benefits their requirements.

LPKF WeldApp Overview

WeldApp ScannerControl

  • For an easy and fast upload of welding contours on the scanner card
  • App for intuitive adjustment of welding contours in relation to the position of the welding path track and scanning speeds
  • No parameter set-up; Any number of contours can be saved and managed – no upper limit

WeldApp Monitoring

  • Advanced visualization of the welding process
  • Representation of the welding path in a path-time diagram
  • Integration of envelope curves (min max) to define process limits and framework conditions
  • Representation and visualization of a pyrometer signal with envelope for radial welding

WeldApp ContourManagement

  • Automatic selection of weld contour and parameter set-ups
  • Selection of the respective welding contour depending on the installed tool set (4BIT or RFID coding)
  • Increasing machine efficiency and reducing setup times
  • No manual selection of welding recipes needed

WeldApp Traceability

  • Software application for storage, management and traceability of welding and process data
  • Traceable storage of welding results for each part
  • Increased process quality and transparency
  • Creation of customer-specific data packages possible (special expenses not included in the standard price)


FLY_WQ_Software.pdf (pdf - 354 KB)

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