Laser Depaneling with zero carbonization

Carbonization with Laser Depaneling

Coming to terms with one of the most common prejudices

The laser burns the PCB when cutting it out of the panel and leaves unsightly and inconvenient traces? This prejudice is no longer valid is more than outdated! Convince yourself of the carbonization- and residue-free cutting edge by laser.

Prejudice: The laser burns the PCB

Is it something like the picture on the left that you have in mind when you think of cutting a panel with a laser? A burnt PCB cutting edge that looks unsightly, does noet meet the requirements for technical cleanliness and could possibly endanger the functionality of the PCB?

If so, this is by no means a contemporary image. These impressions may have been valid more than 10 years ago - at the time when this technology was developed - but they are now things of the past. Significant advances in terms of laser technology and process know-how have turned the realities upside down.

Reality: The laser is the cleanest tool

Because the reality in terms of burnt cutting edges and carbonization is now different: the cutting edges of LPKF laser systems can be free of carbonization and further residues. By now the laser is by far the cleanest tool for cutting the printed circuit board. The high demands on technical cleanliness, e.g. in the medical industry, can be met without any problems. In particular, LPKF's CleanCut-technology completely eliminates carbonization of the PCB cut edge.

See for yourself: we will be happy to send you LPKF sample material or, if you prefer, process your own sample material.


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