The fascination of lasers – reports from the business areas.

New production systems and options.
Safe process monitoring for laser plastic welding 

TherMoPro complements quality assurance in the welding process: The Thermographic Check System creates a heatmap of the welding contour and analyzes it using reference data. It realizes complete, non-destructive inline process control. 

Glass digital printing of highly filled pasty colors 

In laser transfer printing (LTP), a laser beam transfers a ceramic-filled color onto a glass pane without contact - a digital process with certified glass colors. The 

The first production system was recently installed and the LPKF applicators are working hard to expand the range of applications. 

New production systems and options for laser depaneling 

The laser cutting systems from the LPKF CuttingMaster series are suitable for bar or full cutting of circuit boards made of different materials. The automation of laser depaneling through the LoadingMaster expansion modules increases performance and improves profitability. 

Cx presented at productronica takes a different approach. It relies on an integrated automation concept that makes complex workpiece carriers unnecessary. An optional cobot increases the level of automation even further. 

StencilPro software simplifies process development 

LPKF StencilPro replaces the previous data preparation software LPKF CircuitCam for producing solder paste stencils. The new software scores points, for example, with intuitive user guidance, new functions and higher performance. 

ARRALYZE now in Boston 

With ARRALYZE, LPKF develops systems and solutions for biomedical applications. The glass arrays used are manufactured using LPKF-LIDE technology. ARRALYZE offers scalable single cell screening in biomedical research and is one of LPKF's strategic growth initiatives. With its inclusion in BioLabs Boston, ARRALYZE finds itself right at the center of the world's most important biotech network. 


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