Active Mold Packaging


Package and SiP based planar antennas

Active Mold Packaging presents a much simplified and reliable approach to package integrated planar antennas.

RF Antenna Designs (Tx/ Rx, Massive -MIMO) for IC Packaging and System-in-Packages (SiP)

RF applications are manifold and demanding. They are used through-out many different industries from consumer electronics to industry, automotive as well as in the air and space sector.

Active Mold Packaging (AMP) is capable of integrating planar antennas in and on the package. While stamp metal or flex antennas can be mounted on top of a package, the twist, AMP is offering, is the interconnect to the feed line of the underlying and encapsulated circuitry. It is as simple as a via. Thus the signal's pathlength, inductance, capacitance and impedance can be designed and tuned in less complicated ways. Yield and life-time issues arising from more complicated interconnections between the antenna and the feed line are strongly minimized.

AMP is offering a selection of benefits, when compared to traditional package integrated antenna technologies.

  1. Covers a wide range of RF applications, like mmWave-antennas, waveguides and striplines
  2. Antenna center frequencies as high as 24 GHz, 78 GHz or 98 GHz
  3. Equipment can be used for a multitude of other novel packaging applications, like EMI shielding, too
  4. Alternative to stamp metal or flex-antenna
  5. Robust and easy antenna to feed-line interconnect
  6. Complete freedom of design down to feature size of 25 µm
  7. low dk/ low df and high dk/ low df Epoxy Mold Compound formulations available

Active Mold Packaging (AMP) forms the RF component on the Epoxy Mold Compound by making use of three sophisticated processes:

  1. Granular or tablet form, specially doped Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC)
  2. Selective laser activation of the EMC by surface ablation, deep grooving/ trenching and TMV drilling
  3. Electro-less metalisation, of only the laser activated EMC

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