Package level EMI shielding

Active Mold Packaging provides a smart solution for package level EMI shielding applications.

Conformal and compartment EMI shielding of IC packages and System-in-Packages (SiP)

EMI shielding of complete IC packages or individual areas within a System-in-Package or individual dies inside a Multi-Chip-Module is a very challenging task in terms of equipment investment, process flow, shielding reliability, production yield or design flexibility and size requirement.

    AMP is offering a selection of benefits, when compared to PVD sputtering, metal lid soldering or copper paste printing.

    1. Low equipment investment cost and thus fast amortization
    2. Equipment can be used for a multitude of other novel packaging applications, like Antenna-on/in-Package, too
    3. Reliable shielding layer formation on the package's/SiP's sidewalls, no peel-off or flaking
    4. Simplifies the singulation process, as the EMC has been removed from the dicing streets, for the sidewall activation/ metalization
    5. Offers the highest resolution and selectivity for conformal and compartment shielding

    Active Mold Packaging (AMP) creates a shielding layer by making use of three sophisticated processes:

    1. Granular or tablet form, specially doped Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC)
    2. Selective laser activation of the EMC by surface ablation, deep grooving/ trenching and TMV drilling
    3. Electro-less metalisation, of only the laser activated EMC

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