Bondless Multi-Chip Modules (MCM)

Active Mold Packaging interconnects dies and substrates by using the Epoxy Mold Compound, easily exceeding the resolution, pitch and yield of traditional wire-bonding (WB).

AMP Technology Flat-Bond Interconnect Packages

Interconnecting multiple dies with each other and with the substrate or leadframe, can result in wire bonds crossing over each other. Apart from the very challenging wire bonding task, this can lead to wire sweeping during encapsulation and prevents the use of compression molding.

Active Mold Packaging (AMP) Flat-Bond Interconnects, can replace wire bonding (WB) in all packages that make use of an Epoxy Mold Compound for encapsulation.

Flat-Bonds are offering a selection of benefits, when compared to WB.

  1. 50% shorter signal path lengths, lead to lower power consumption and higher RF performance
  2. Pitch reduction to 100 µm and a zero mm bending radius, reduces package footprint and height
  3. Solid, immovable connection, prevent wire-sweeping and enables compression molding

To form Flat-Bonds, AMP makes use of three sophisticated processes:

  1. Granular or tablet form, specially doped Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC)
  2. Selective laser activation of the EMC by surface ablation, deep grooving/ trenching and TMV drilling
  3. Electro-less metalisation, of only the laser activated EMC

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