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Stencil Laser G 6080

LPKF StencilLaser G 6080

High-Speed Laser System with Ultra-Light Carbon-Fiber-Based Axis Construction for Cutting of SMT Stencils

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The LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 delivers notorious precision and is faster than all previous StencilLasers, making it the most productive cutting system on the stencil market today.

A new loading routine shortens set up time for framed and loose stencil panels. A large working area of 600 x 800 mm (23.6” x 31.4”) allows to cut two stencils in one production step.

Real-Time Process Control

Real-Time Process Control TechnologyThe new LPKF Real-Time Process Control (patent pending) monitors the cutting process for every aperture in real time. This process is significantly faster than a post process visual scan.
If an undesired cutting result is detected, the LPKF Real-Time Process Control automatically optimizes the cutting parameters leading to superior yield rates without wasting production time.

Cutting Gas Management Technology

Cutting Gas Management TechnologyThe StencilLaser G 6080 can use either compressed air or oxygen for cutting. In fact, it can even be operated automatically with two different cutting gases in the same job. The selection of the gas type, as well as pressure adjustment and monitoring is done fully automatically.

Long Life Laser

Air-cooled Long Life Laser TechnologyThe proven LPKF LongLife fiber laser technology is now even more efficient, featuring 100 % air cooling. This can reduce the system’s total power consumption by about 30% while eliminating service and maintenance downtime for any external chiller system.

Dynamic Design

Dynamic Design TechnolgyAll of the parts in the LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 work together like a high-end clockwork, providing maximum precision and performance.
This improved dynamic design results in a performance increase up to 20%. In combination with minimal maintenance requirements the lead times for stencil production are shorter than ever.

Easy Edit Software

Easy Edit SoftwareLPKF’s EasyEdit software is the most powerful stencil editor software available. It streamlines the customization process by applying modifications in aperture shape and dimensions either globally or individually. It offers one-click aperture modification, full scalability of aperture dimensions, special cutting routines and much more.

Easy Automation Technology

Easy Automation TechnologyThe LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 may be integrated into an automatic handling process. It is equipped with a handling interface in line with SMEMA standards, enabling the system to be connected to any autoloading device. The automatic frame width adjustment allows the operation of any stencil frame and loose sheet sizes without requiring any changeover or process stoppage.

Automatic Frame Size Adjustment

The StencilLaser G 6080 automates the loading process without adapter for frames and loose sheets. Simply select the corresponding frame and push OK. The clamping device automatically adjusts the width in less than 10 seconds. This feature saves valuable production time whether the frame is loaded with pcb-side or squeegee-side up.

1 mm Stainless Steel

From 20 µm to 1 mm:
By driving the technology of laser parameter management, the StencilLaser G 6080's production capability can be extended into the cutting parts market. Now, the StencilLaser G 6080 unites the world of precise and efficiently produced cutting parts.

StencilLaser G 6080 System Complete View
SL G 6080
StencilLaser G 6080 Interior View
SL G 6080 - Inside View
StencilLaser G 6080 in Process
SL G 6080 in Process
Homeplate splitted 150x
Homeplate 150x
Homeplate splitted 300x
Homeplate 300x
Homeplate splitted 700x
Homeplate 700x
Cutting Piece StencilLaser G 6080
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Cutting Part
Cutting Piece round StencilLaser G 6080
Cogwheel Cutting Part


Product Video SL G 6080 - Extended Version

Real-Time Process Control

Cutting Gas Management Technology

Dynamic Design Technology

Easy Automation Technology

Data Preparation with LPKF CircuitCam

Production with the SL G 6080

Technical Data
LPKF StencilLaser G 6080
Laser class 1
Speed Please view brochure (Refer to: Fast Fact Reference Layouts)
Cutting range (X/Y) 600 mm x 800 mm (23.6” x 31.5”)
Maximum frame size (X/Y) 740 mm x 950 mm x 40 mm (29.1” x 39.4” x 1.6”)
Maximum loose sheet size (X/Y) 650 mm x 850 mm (25.6” x 33.5”)
Material thickness Up to 1 mm (0.04”)
Laser repetition rate Max. 45 kHz
Axial precision ±2 μm
Right-angle precision 4 angular seconds
Repeatability ±2 μm
Power consumption Max. 2 800 VA over all
Dimension System
(W x H x D)
1 575 mm x 1 920 mm x 1 820 mm (61’’ x 75” x 64”)
Weight Less than 2 000 kg (4 400 lbs)

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