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Circuit boards coated with the professional finish of a green solder mask is today, with SMT components, essential for soldering safely.

With LPKF ProMask a professional solder resist mask will be applied to the already milled prototype circuit board. LPKF ProMask gives prototype PCBs the professional finish they deserve and enables the soldering of SMD or conventional components with no fear of short circuits.

LPKF ProLegend for professional screen printing is a simple-to-use method of adding legend printing, logos, and circuit legends to any prototype PCB.

It is a quick and easy process even for people with no prior experience. All the components required for the LPKF ProMask and LPKF ProLegend system come in preweighed sachets for simple mixing in the correct proportions. After development is complete all residues can be disposed environmentally friendly.

The system comes with all the necessary tools and a large package of consumables.

Technical data
Max. material size 229 mm x 305 mm (9'' x 12'')
Max. layout area of image exposer 240 mm x 340 mm (9,5'' x 13'')
Processing time Approx. 60 min/ cycle
Pad separation ≥0.5 mm (20 mil) fine pitch
Adhesion strengtht Class H and T, testing method: IPC-SM-840 C, Subsection
Solder bath resistance 20 sec at 265 °C (509 °F), testing method: IPC-SM-840 C, Subsection 3.7.2
10 sec at 288 °C (550 °F), testing method: MIL-P 55 110 D
20 sec at 288 °C (550 °F), testing method: UL 94 (lead-free)
Surface resistance 2 x 10 exp 14 Ohm, test method: VDE 0303, Part 30, DIN IEC 93
Moisture resistance an isulation resistance Class H and T, test method: IPC-SM-840 C, item 3.9.1
Solving/ cleaning agent resistance IPC-SM-840 C, item 3.9.1 (10 percent alkaline cleaner, Isopropanol, monoethanolamine)
Minimum capital height 2.0 mm (with 1.200 dpi laser printer)
Minimum capital strength 0.1 mm (with 1.200 dpi laser printer)
Hardware requirements Min. 600 dpi laser printer
Software requirements CircuitCAM 5.1 or higher

Working Process
Apply the solder resist mask or board finish in four simple steps. ProLegend’s process is almost identical:

1. Producing the artwork

The artwork template is easily produced by printing it from LPKF CircuitCAM (version 5.0 or above) on a standard laser printer (for best results 600 or 1200 dpi).

2. Applying the lacquer

The lacquer is simply mixed using the single portion sachets of lacquer and hardener. It is then applied to the finished prototype PCB using a disposable roller. After application the PCB is pre-dried for 10 minutes in the hot-air oven.

3. Exposing PCB with the artwork

The PCB is placed in the image exposure unit and the artwork is placed over it using registration marks. The exposure unit is switched on for 30 seconds after which the board is removed and the artwork film pulled off.

4. Developing and hardening the solder-resist mask

A bath of developer is prepared from the developer powder and hot water. The PCB is immersed in the bath and the non exposed resist is removed by gently brushing. The lacquer residue is rinsed off under flowing water, then the resist is hardened for 30 minutes in the hot-air oven after which the board can be cleaned with LPKF cleaner and rinsed with water.

Exposer: with use of the artwork the pattern is transfered to the surface of the circuit board within 30 seconds.
Hot Air Oven
A hot-air oven for pre-drying the PCB and hardening the resist for 30 minutes.

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