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LPKF Fusion3D 1500

LPKF Fusion3D 1500

Large Components in LDS Processing

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The LPKF Fusion3D 1500 is a system that transfers the proven LDS technology of smart phone antennas to larger components. The whole system comes in a compact enclosure with handling module and linear actuators that offer precise motion and control.

Components are moved into the processing area by a linear system with two drives. Structures can be produced up to 400 x 78 mm large and with a maximum height of 80 mm one after another. While one train is processed with the laser, the second moves into position, almost completely eliminating non-production time.

A multi-head configuration of the laser system gives further performance gains. With an optional upgrade to a multiple processing unit controller (MPC), up to three processing units can be installed to share the structuring tasks – with considerable advantages for the system’s throughput.

LDS technology enables designers to meet ongoing demands for integrating more functions in ever-smaller spaces. With the LDS process, already existing plastic components take on electronic functions in addition to their mechanical tasks.

Fusion3D 1500 especially for large components
Working range: max. 400 mm x 78 mm x 80 mm
Fusion3D 1500 with up to three Processing Units
While one train is processed with the laser, the second moves into position, almost completely eliminating non-production time.

Technical Data
Technical Data: Fusion3D 1500

Laser class
Working range (X/Y/Z) 2 x 400 mm x 78 mm x 80 mm (15.8” x 3.0” x 3.1”)
Number of processing units (PU) 1 - 3
Accuracy* ± 25 μm (±1 mil)
Max. structuring speed Up to 4 000 mm/s (157'' per second)
Input data formats IGES, STEP
Software LPKF CircuitPro3D
Laser wavelength 1 064 nm
Laser pulse frequency 10 kHz - 200 kHz
Machine dimensions (W x H x D) 1 740 mm x 1 877 mm x 1 680 mm
(68.5’’ x 74’’ x 66’’)
Machine weight Approx. 1 600 kg (3 527 lbs), excluding exhaust unit
Operating conditions
    Electric supply 400 V three phases, 50/60 Hz, approx. 7.2 kVA
    Cooling Air-cooled
    Ambient temperature 22° C ± 2.5° C (71.6° F ± 4° F)
    Humidity Max. 60 %
Exhaust unit Required; available as an option
Machinable materials (selection) Nickel, copper, stainless steel, LDS plastics, powder coatings and LDS paint, gold and silver paste, ceramic, tin

* Calibrated scanfield

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