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LPKF Vitrion 5000

LPKF Vitrion 5000

Through-Glass Vias with Laser Precision

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In the interconnection of highly integrated chips with conventional circuit boards, interposers are used to compensate for different geometrical dimensions. The contacts in the tiny semiconductor chips are converted to assembly-compatible dimensions by interposers. The new LPKF TGV process (patent pending) generates highly precise holes for subsequent through-hole plating by laser modification.

5 000 Holes per Second by Laser Modification

Glass is an ideal substrate for integrated circuits. It is stable, has good electrical properties, possesses a compatible coefficient of thermal expansion, and is cheap. The LPKF Vitrion 5000 laser system is solely designed for machining delicate glass substrates. It can process panel sizes up to 510 mm x 510 mm as well as glass wafers up to 18”.

The LPKF TGV process combines the advantages of a glass substrate with the precision of a laser process. Holes could previously only be produced with insufficient quality at a maximum rate of 1 000 holes per second. But with this new TGV process, perfect holes can be made at five times the speed due to laser modification.

LPKF supplies processes for manual and automated assembly. The LPKF Vitrion 5000 utilizes a laser that was developed specifically for these applications. System control is accomplished with user-friendly system software that enables differentiation between programming and production mode as well as integration into an MES.

Clean-room compatible and easy maintenance

The LPKF Vitrion 5000 is clean-room compatible and can be easily integrated into a wall without extra requirements. All maintenance work can be performed from the back, enabling the unit to be integrated into typical semiconductor production lines. The standard version of the Vitrion 5000 is supplied with a workbench for manual handling.

The camera system for precise part position detection (parts finder) and an integrated SMEMA interface facilitate the automation of the overall interposer production process.

Complete Solution for Interposer Production

LPKF supplies not only the laser system for glass modification but also consulting services to ensure an optimum etching process. This comprehensive package reduces integration time and effort for the customer and optimizes process quality, if necessary, in collaboration with external service providers.

LPKF Vitrion 5000
The LPKF Vitrion 5000 is designed for laser modification of glass wafers.
LPKF Vitrion 5000
The laser system can be easily integrated into a wall without extra requirements.
LPKF Vitrion 5000
The laser system can be easily maintained from the side or the back.
LPKF Vitrion 5000
The LPKF Vitrion 5000 can process wafers as well as panels.

Standard glass wafer with numerous interposers.
In a single production step, numerous interposers are produced on a standard glass wafer.

Technical Data
LPKF Vitrion 5000
Laser class 1
Max. working area
(X x Y)
510 mm x 510 mm
(20” x 20”)
Max. material size
(X x Y)
Panel: 510 mm x 510 mm (20” x 20”)
Wafer: up to 18”
Data input formats DXF
Laser processing speed > 5 000 vias/s
Pattern accuracy (μm) 2 + (L/100 mm) ; L ≙ pattern dimension (mm)
System dimensions
(W x H x D)
1 700 mm x 1 700 mm* x 1 620 mm
(67” x 67” x 63.7”)
Weight ~1 600 kg (3 527 lbs)
Operating conditions
Power supply 400 V / 16 A
Power Consumption 6 kVA
Cooling Water supply and return, < 22 °C (71.6 °F)
Ambient temperature 21 °C ± 0.5 °C (69.8 °F ± 1 °F)
Humidity 60 % (non-condensing)
Compressed air 0.6 MPa
Required accessoires Exhaust unit

* Height incl. StatusLight = 2 100 mm (82.7”)

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