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Hanover, 25 March 2003 – The global electronics market in 2002 was again characterised by reluctance to invest – the third year in succession. This also affected the business of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Garbsen near Hanover. Although a great deal of interest was shown in the company’s innovative products at all trade fairs it attended last year, decisions to invest have been partially postponed. According to LPKF executive board chairman Bernd Hackmann when presenting the 2002 accounts to journalists in Hanover, there are signs of an improvement but these are having no effect yet in the face of the current political situation. At times such as these, most of LPKF’s clients stick to their existing production systems, says Hackmann, even though this exposes them to the risk of falling behind technological developments and the competition in the medium term. read more...

Hanover, April 2002 - They are easy to handle, highly functional and the ideal solution for boards with high packing densities: Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) are more and more becoming the key component for the miniaturization of electronic subassemblies.  Because the connecting pads are no longer visible due to their position, BGAs constitute a real assembly challenge. With its assembly tool ZelPlace BGA, LPKF has now provided a method to place these new components on the board in a precise and reliable way. read more...

Munich, November 2002 - Erlangen-based Laserquipment AG founded in December 2002, develops and markets innovative system concepts for laser plastic welding, and also provides the associated more...

Munich, November 2002 - Boasting technical features that raise stencil technology to a new dimension in ultrafine applications, the SL 600 MicroCut, complements LPKF's StencilLaser product line with a new system specially designed to fulfil the production specifications for miniaturised semiconductor component stencils . With its extreme positioning precision, fast operating speed (even for minimum structural dimensions) and the superb quality of the cut edges, the SL 600 MicroCut is the ideal tool for the production of chip scale packages (CSP), flip chips and OLE more...

Munich, November 2002 - The LPKF SL 740 is the ideal entry system to benefit from StencilLaser technology. The SL 740 provides a technically superior alternative to etching at lower cost than traditional laser systems for stencils cutting read more...

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