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WorldSkills Competition 2017

These are the best of the best who have been competing in Abu Dhabi this year: More than 1,250 nationally qualified trainees from 58 countries took part in the worldwide WorldSkills competition from 14 to 19 October 2017. In a total of 51 disciplines they competed at the highest level and fought for gold, silver and bronze. More than 100,000 visitors from industry and research underline the importance of this event.
WorldSkills 2017
It goes without saying that the equipment for this superlative competition must meet the highest technical demands. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG therefore provided a ProtoLaser S4 and a ProtoMat S103 for the electronics competition.

An LPKF application engineer assisted the trainees as an expert in the application of the machines in the competition. Angel Martinez from Garbsen/Germany supported the participants in converting their CAD data into finished printed circuit boards with the help of the LPKF machines. “I very much enjoyed assisting the young people in carrying out their tasks. Some of them are real artists who always found very interesting solutions. This was exciting - both for experts from industry and academia." The winner of this year's electronics competition is Yu-Chih Tsai from Taiwan.

The challenge of the competition was to build an electronic component or electronic equipment that must be fully functional in the end. The Proto-Laser S4 makes it possible to structure printed circuit boards easily, quickly and very precisely - an important step for the competition participants. The compact and economical ProtoLaser S4, especially for single pieces and small series, does not require masks or tools. Printed circuit board layouts can be created without etching chemistry. The machine processes rigid or flexible substrates, and galvanically plated boards with greater inhomogeneity. This means that it was optimally equipped for the tasks of the trainees in the competition.

The ProtoMat S103 PCB circuit board plotter can also be used to produce printed circuit boards. The milling head gently cuts the conductor paths out of a fully coated, optionally flexible or rigid-flexible plate. The ProtoMat also performs further processing steps: it drills fine holes for through-hole plating of double-sided PCBs or multilayer boards, cuts individual PCBs from large PCBs or mills the front panels for high-quality housings, also made of aluminum. The ProtoMat S103 can also be used to insert pockets or deep cut-outs into housing parts.

LPKF ProtoLaser S4
The ProtoLaser S4 is a specialist for PCB prototyping: Fast and flexible structuring of different substrates.
LPKF ProtoMat S103
The Protomat S103 circuit board plotter structures, engraves, drills, mills and cuts.
WorldSkills Competition 2017
LPKF at WorldSkills Competition 2017
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