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Chronicle of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG


From the developers workshop to a worldwide company

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Chronicle of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

2012 - Admission to TecDAX

The LPKF share is listed in the TecDAX technology index.

2010 – Breakthrough for industrial UV laser cutting with the ML 1000S

The compact UV laser system combines a high cutting speed with utmost precision at LPKF quality levels.

2010 – Hermes Award

LPKF received the renowned Hermes Award for the Fusion3D laser structurer.

2009 – Breakthrough in LDS mass production

The Fusion3D makes a breakthrough in the mass production of three dimensional interconnect devices (laser direct structuring, LDS).

2008 – A revolution for RF and digital boards

ProtoLaser S the only prototyping laser system worldwide able to structure laminated substrates.

2007 - LPKF starts with solar technology

The newly established subsidiary LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH develops and produces laser systems for the structuring of thin film solar cells.

2006 - LPKF-LDS process used in series production

The LPKF-LDS process is used in the series production of three-dimensional molded interconnect device (MIDs).

2001 - Laser system for the circuit board industry

LPKF develops and produces the laser system MicroLine for drilling and structuring of printed circuit boards.

2000 - First location in China established

LPKF starts with laser plastic welding technology LPKF Tianjin CO. Ltd. is established as a new subsidiary in China. LPKF joins the Laserquipment AG, which produces and distributes systems for the laser plastic welding.

1998 - LPKF is listed at the Stock Exchange

In this year the newly created LPKF Lasers & Electronics AG is registered at the New Market.

1994 - Establishment of the new production site in Slovenia

LPKF establishes LPKF Laser & Electronika d.o.o. as a new production location in Slovenia.

1991 - Establishment of LPKF Motion & Control GmbH

The development of the laser systems advanced the development of innovative drive and control techniques. Thus together with the technical University Ilmenau, LPKF Motion & Control GmbH is created.

1993 - Presentation of the first StencilLaser

LPKF presents the first StencilLaser for the production of SMD stencils.

1989 - LPKF starts with laser technology

In 1989 LPKF develops a procedure for the laser based printed circuit board structuring.

1984 - Structure of an international sales network

With the establishment of the branch in the USA the foundation stone for a worldwide sales network is put in place.

1976 - Establishment

Establishment of the LPKF CAD/CAM Systeme GmbH in Hanover. Introduction and production of the first prototyping system: the LPKF 39.

1975 - The Patent

In the mid 1970's the patent engineer Juergen Seebach developes a mechanical procedure for the production of printed circuit boards and a milling depth limiter.  From this development comes the registration of a worldwide patent in 1976.
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