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PowerWeld 6600

High-speed laser plastic welding: Economical series production with compact stand-alone machine. Ideal for large quantities.

InlineWeld 9000

무엇이든지 가능합니다.


측정 장치

InlineWeld 2000

자동화 생산라인을 위한 경제적이고 신뢰할 수 있는 원통형 제품의 레이저 용접 시스템

InlineWeld 6200

다양한 응용 분야를 위한 소형 범용 시스템

InlineWeld 6600

연중무휴 대량 생산을 위한 경제적 통합 시스템

InlineWeld 6900

Small footprint, maximum flexibility for production processes with high variance. Closed welding cell with integrated control cabinet for "plug-and-play" integration.

TwinWeld 3D 6000

특허받은 LPKF 하이브리드 용접

PowerWeld 3D 8000

High-performance welding system for particularly large components with 3D geometries, e.g. large automotive taillights. Perfect connection - functional and optical.

PowerWeld 2000/2600

Universally applicable, compact stand-alone laser welding machine for smaller plastic components. Flexible application, simple operation. High throughput with rotary index table (PowerWeld 2600).

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