The one laser tool to simplify your back-end manufacturing processes!

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Zero-Touch Environment

Your pathway into a Zero-Touch production environment, which increases production output and helps reducing waste.

End-to-End Traceability

The SECS/GEM compatible end-to-end traceability strengthens your customer's confidence in your products.

Made in Germany

The AMP 3000. Your above-average Back-end manufacturing turn-key solution Made in Germany.

Adaptive Die Patterning

Adaptive Die Patterning, doubles the overall process accuracy and reliably increases your First Pass Yield percentage.

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Maximum Working Area300 x 100 mm
Overall Positional Accuracy± 20 µm @ cpk 1.33
Dimension (WxHxD)1 050 x 2 120 mm* x 2 000 mm
Weight< 1 400 kg
Power Consumption< 5 500 Wh (< 5 000 VA)
Handlerfully automated push-pull or roller-guided strip transport, for up to 4 magazines


* height including status light



Active Mold Packaging Design Rules (pdf - 1 MB)
LPKF AMP 3000 Equipment Overview (pdf - 1 MB)


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