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Material qualification by transmission measurement. Calibrated measuring device for the transparency properties of plastics. Ensures the quality of welding and end product.

InlineWeld 9000

Everything is possible in laser plastic welding with LPKF: from the combination of individual machine elements to complex robot islands.

PowerWeld 2000/2600

Universally applicable, compact stand-alone laser welding machine for smaller plastic components. Flexible application, simple operation. High throughput with rotary index table (PowerWeld 2600).

InlineWeld 6200

The efficiency miracle: Universal InlineWeld 6200 system for different component and batch sizes. Simple process setup and process monitoring strengthen the efficient use of the system in all industries.

InlineWeld 2000

Laser welding system for economical and reliable joining of cylindrical workpieces. For integration into the automated production line.

PowerWeld 3D 8000

High-performance welding system for particularly large components with 3D geometries, e.g. large automotive taillights. Perfect connection - functional and optical.