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PCB Depaneling & Laser Plastic Welding

With LPKF's advanced laser technologies, you can benefit from a wide range of advantages and produce any contours with the highest quality and maximum speed. With their versatility, lasers can cut, melt, weld, or even change material structures and properties.

Laser processing in action

When it comes to technically demanding products, the advantages of laser processing always come into play. In the case of smartwatches, this means further miniaturization. Using laser depaneling, the internal components are smaller and the PCBs require only minimal cutting channels and distances to components. The contactless, fast process reduces stress and thus the failure rate. Cycle times are significantly reduced compared to other laser systems thanks to the tensor technology.

In a further step, joining of several plastic components in the housing or also the cover glasses need to be made. Covers and Displays - usually made of high-quality plastics such as PC or PMMA - can then be permanently and tightly bonded to the housing. This is the domain of laser plastic welding, since the welding contours in the viewing area must be perfect not only technically but also optically. Inside the housing, small electronics don´t get affected by laser welding since it is a vibration free joining method with a very local energy input in the weld zone.

Depaneling with the laser

The laser cutting process is non-contact, avoids dust and particles on the surface, and is non carbonizing unlike traditional mechanical cutting processes. Consequently stress or damage of the material, which may cause malfunctions or lower the yield are reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore distances between the PCBs and the components are also much smaller because the laser uses narrow channels to cut it out, which increases the net area available on the panel. Besides enhances the net area, you also have flexibility in the contour, allowing you to cut the layout you want!

Re-defining Laser Depaneling: CuttingMaster 2240

With the CuttingMaster 2240, we have taken laser depaneling to a new level. The system is equipeed with an even more powerful and durable laser source. In combination with the integrated patented Tensor technology the cutting speed has been increased by controlling the beam guidance in a new and innovative way. As a result, potential cooling times are reduced or eliminated, resulting in a more efficient usage of the powerful laser source and thus minimized cycle times.

The cutting of contours and parameters may be quickly created and adjusted on the computer by using the included CircuitPro software. The laser system is ready for new product layouts in just a few seconds via software, and changeover times are eliminated.

Joining plastics with the laser

The laser plastic welding methode is nearly contactless, non-particle, without vibrations and without thermal stress in the area of the joining seam, while also having a very high optical quality. Delicate electronic components within housings do not experience any mechanical stress. In this method, a laser-transparent and a laser-absorbing plastic part are joined.

With the included software WeldPro light and ProSet 3D, you can fully control the welding contours and process parameters so your production is not limited to flat product layouts and fixed beam geometries.

Laser Plastic Welding Systems

The welding process at LPKF features integrated monitoring with sensors so that component rejection is reduced. In the production process that includes complete electronics, for example, this takes on great importance.

LPKF systems for laser plastic welding come with the LPKF ProSet3D and LPKF WeldPro light software programs. These optimized software programs are capable of generating and optimizing welding contours. To ensure a fast and reliable joining process, the material libraries contain proven parameters for many material combinations.

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