Tensor Beam Deflection Module

LPKF Tensor Technology

Gamechanger for
Laser Micro Material Processing

Tensor: New Standards for Laser Processing

The newly developed Tensor module sets new standards in laser processing. The beam deflection technology clearly stands out from alternative processes on the market due to a number of technological advantages.

Overcoming boundaries and setting new benchmarks

Since its beginnings, laser technology has undergone an amazing development and is now an indispensable tool in many industries. There are two strong factors behind this development: the continuous increase in performance and a simultaneous reduction in the cost of laser sources. This steady and significant improvement in the price-performance ratio of beam sources and therfore laser machines has led to a wider range of applications for laser technologies in materials processing (including usable power), as well as increasing cost-effectiveness for the user.

Nevertheless, in the case of micromaterial processing with lasers, increased laser power must always be accompanied by enhanced beam deflection speed, otherwise the quality of the processing is significantly impaired. In practice, this has meant that processing speeds used to be limited by the available (and especially economical) beam deflection technologies.

Being experts in laser micromachining, we at LPKF have set ourselves the goal of resolving this conflict and are therefore proud to introduce the new Tensor Optics. By increasing beam deflection by a multiple, the known limitations and boundaries can be overcome and new limits can be set!

What is the Tensor?

The Tensor is a newly developed and highly innovative beam deflection module - developed and manufactured by LPKF - that makes it possible to set new standards in laser processing. Its great flexibility, excellent cost efficiency and maximum transmission overshadow existing solutions on the market and offer the user a wide range of new possibilities. In this way, both the quality and the performance of the processing can enter new dimensions. By distributing the pulses around the laser spot in a targeted manner, the Tensor enables significantly higher laser powers to be used effectively and meet the highest quality requirements. Heat accumulation and quality losses can thus be specifically avoided in an inimitable way.

In principle, the module can be integrated into a wide variety of laser processing systems and can be used for a large number of machining processes. This includes the depaneling, drilling, cutting, and active mold packaging systems in LPKF's portfolio. In this way, a multitude of applications and end products benefit from the innovative beam deflection technology.

Would you like to know how the Tensor can be beneficial for your applications? Just contact us and we will be happy to show you the inimitable effect based on your own samples!

 Benefits of the Tensor Technology

You can profit from the many advantages of the Tensor with your own applications:

Unlike alternative technologies, as an end user you are not bound to a fixed number of partial beams with fixed spacing, instead you have maximum flexibility.


With a transmission of more than 99%, the available energy of the laser can be used efficiently. In comparison, alternative beam deflection technologies offer significantly less transmission and therefore entail corresponding performance losses.


Due to the possible performance benefits and the comparatively low investment costs of the tensor module, the module offers excellent cost efficiency. As a result, it offers significant value for the user and enables the company to differentiate itself from the competition.

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