Laser depaneling with no dust on the PCB

Prevention of dust during depaneling

Clean, cost-effective and fast

Use the privileges of the laser and benefit from the technological advantages compared to mechanical separation processes. In addition to dust- and stress-free processing, you can exploit many other potentials for your business!

Problem: Dust on the PCB

Your printed circuit boards are covered with a fine (milling) dust after separation, as in the adjacent picture, although using an extraction unit? Do you have to carry out complex downstream cleaning processes in order to guarantee the technical cleanliness of your PCBs? Do not make any unnecessary compromises or take any unnecssary risks and prevent potential failures in the field! Dust ist not a side affect to be accpeted when cutting the PCB, but can be avoided by choosing the appropriate depaneling tool.

Solution: Laser Depaneling

In contrast to mechanical cutting processes, such as milling, the laser process does not generate any dust. In case of laser depaneling the material is vaporized during the cutting process and the resulting particles are removed with the use of an effective exhausting unit. Laser depaneling is therefore an absolutely dust-free process to singulate your PCBs.

Subsequent (cost-intensive) cleaning steps and malfunctions in the field caused by the dust particles are therefore a thing of the past. By using a laser system, costs can be reduced in a preventive and targeted manner in this way.


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