Press kit productronica 2021

Enabling Innovation

We enable innovation

LaserMicronics uses laser technology to correct faulty PCBs

LPKF's innovative spirit will not be slowed down even by the pandemic in difficult times for the global economy. LPKF is therefore pleased to be able to present new products at productronica 2021 that once again embody our motto: "we enable innovation". For us and our customers. For PCB prototyping, for high volume electronics production and for innovative IC packaging. This year, we will also be presenting solutions for joining plastics live on site.

Get to know our new systems and processes here. Publications are clearly welcome.

LPKF press releases - productronica 2021

Improved PCB Manufacturing

LPKF presents innovations for PCB manufacturing

After months of webinars, online contact, and purely virtual events, LPKF is excited to be present at Productronica 2021.


Breaking the Limits in Laser Beam Steering

LPKF´s brand-new Tensor technology overcomes limitations in laser beam steering 

Tensor, LPKF's patented ultra-fast beam delivery technology, solves a fundamental problem that has held back progress in laser micromachining until now. The Tensor is already in use in the new LPKF CuttingMaster 2240 depaneling system.

New Options for the Electronics Industry

Innovative WeLDS Technology

With WeLDS, LPKF has developed a new technology that combines both 3D MIDs and laser plastic welding. This creates unprecedented opportunities for function integration in electronics applications.

Sustainability starts with development

In-house PCB prototyping offers wealth of opportunities 

There are many good reasons to produce PCB prototypes and component assemblies in-house. Developers can have a direct influence on the entire process. This also applies to issues of environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Repair Comes to the Rescue

LaserMicronics uses laser technology to correct faulty PCBs 

Defective printed circuit boards that would otherwise inevitably be lost due to design or process errors can be quickly and inexpensively repaired using laser technology.


Global Technology Award for LPKF

Laser-Depaneling-System LPKF CuttingMaster 2122 convinced the jury

The system is equipped with a completely new UV laser source developed by LPKF specifically for depaneling and shows a 25% increase in performance.



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