Clean and Fast Micro-Processing with SinglePico Technology

The new LPKF PicoLine laser systems by LPKF Laser & Electronics are the ideal solution for high-quality, precise and residue-free processing of rigid, rigid-flex or flex circuitry.

By using LPKF PicoLine systems, equipped with a single-digit picosecond laser, board houses and EMS/OEM companies benefit from increased yield and production efficiency. The systems enable the fast and most exact processing of a multitude of materials. Even difficult RF applications for the current and coming telecommunication standards are easy to execute. 

Due to LPKF´s SinglePico technology, the heat affected zone (HAZ) of the processed material is reduced to virtually zero. Clean cutting edges with hardly any debris and precise dimensions are the convincing results of cutting, drilling or ablation. Thus, producers of high-end micro-electronic parts can improve their products for meeting even the highest customer demands.  

Used in PCB depaneling, SinglePico technology allows significant material savings. Due to the better use of the panel area, high-speed FR4-cutting by LPKF PicoLine offers the potential to render mechanical routing obsolete in the future.  

Moreover, LPKF PicoLine paves the way for new processes: It enables the ablation of thin inorganic layers from organic substrates as well as the ablation of organic layers - such as polyimide - from metal surfaces. The first process is used, for example, in the production of OLED touch panels, the second for solder-mask applications. Production efficiency increases significantly, especially if the use of SinglePico technology makes cover-layer punching dispensable. 

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