Indispensable: Use of Lasers for Depaneling

Due to the continuing trend towards miniaturization and ever greater packing densities in the PCB sector, precision laser technology has become the standard technology for depaneling in recent years.

There are many other aspects in favour of laser technology for PCB manufacturers. Especially for high-quality printed circuit boards with high quality requirements, many OEMs now prescribe laser technology for depaneling. Because where mechanical systems reach their limits - i.e. with high packing densities, the finest conductor paths even in the edge areas and flexible materials - the laser demonstrates its technological inherent advantages and thus ensures the highest quality, efficient use of materials and minimal handling time.

The laser operates contact-free, without wear. It does not generate any heat or mechanical stress except at the desired location. Since the forces affecting the material are thus reduced to a minimum with laser technology, the good part rate rises to almost 100%.


The systems of the MicroLine series ensure clean, burr-free cuts in FR4, FR5, CEM materials, ceramics, polyimides, RF materials and other printed circuit board substrates. MicroLine systems integrate seamlessly into existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) through suitable interfaces and enable tracking & tracing for production runs. Reliable traceability is a particularly important point for safety-relevant applications.