Global Technology Award 2021 for LPKF

The LPKF CuttingMaster 2122 laser depaneling system received this year's Global Technology Award. The system convinced the jury with its superior performance and the improved environmental footprint.

When it comes to the cutting of printed circuit boards, 24/7 solutions with high performance and high-quality results are required. The LPKF CuttingMaster 2122 machine is designed for these applications. It is equipped with a completely new UV laser source developed by LPKF specifically for PCB depaneling.

With the seamless integration of the new laser source into the optics and hardware, the cutting speed has reached a new level: Benchmark tests show a performance gain above 25%. Even applications with sensitive materials are feasible.

The laser features the CleanCut Technology, LPKF's innovative technology for absolute technical cleanliness of the processed material.

The LPKF CuttingMaster 2122 system with an economically advantageous price/performance ratio makes it possible to efficiently cut the full perimeter of the PCB instead of just the break-out tabs. By eliminating all the 2-3 mm wide pre-routing channels, more boards can be placed onto each panel, reducing material and operational costs.

Improved environmental footprint

Using the LPKF depaneling system is also a question of improved environmental sustainability. The overall energy consumption does not rise with the increase in cutting speed. For technical cleanliness, LPKF laser depaneling systems do not require additional time-consuming cleaning steps which would require additional energy and material input. The new design results in an increased operating time of 30,000 hours. All this was achieved without having to raise the price.

“The award, which was presented at this year's Productronica trade fair by the Global SMT and Packaging Magazine, is a great honor for us. It shows that our efforts to develop our machines for better performance and more added value are not only praised by our customers, but also by experts in the field,” says Alexander Abeln, Sales Director at LPKF.

“It is an incentive for us to continue our developments. And indeed, our innovative strength is ongoing. I would like to point out that we have already launched another new system on the market that delivers an even higher performance and much more cutting speed. The fundamental basis of this astonishing further development is the Tensor, a unique and completely new beam delivery technology. I am sure, this will turn the market upside down,” says the manager.


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