LPKF expands sales force in Taiwan

SIGMA Technology Corporation markets LPKF laser systems for depaneling since March 2020.

In the production of printed circuit boards, the depaneling process is one of the decisive factors in determining how quickly and economically the entire production process can be carried out. Laser technology is used especially for high-quality printed circuit boards. LPKF offers a broad portfolio of high-end laser systems for depaneling. With SIGMA Technology in Taiwan, LPKF has brought an experienced distributor on board to sell this product segment.


Laser technology offers the ideal solution for cutting printed circuit boards with irregular contours and/or high packing density: Cuts can be made directly at the edge of conductor paths or components - without causing unnecessary stress on the PCB or the parts. Complex geometries can be easily realized. Even rigid PCBs with simpler contours can now be manufactured very economically with laser technology. Thanks to the innovative LPKF CleanCut technology, the cut edges can be produced with unprecedented technical cleanliness - at a machining speed competitive with the milling process, and with a very good price-performance ratio.

LPKF has been at the forefront of laser technology for more than 30 years and has various systems in its portfolio for different applications and requirements. The laser depaneling machines are successfully used by market-leading companies around the world. In Taiwan, the systems of the LPKF CuttingMaster as well as the LPKF Micro- and LPKF Pico-Series are also distributed by SIGMA Technology Corporation now. LPKF is thus creating an even more solid sales base in the Asian region.

SIGMA Technology Corp. was established in 2004, while the former entity SIGMA has already entered the electronics business in 1972. The Company is an integrated supplier of capital equipment, instruments and consumable material for front-end wafer manufacturing, back-end IC packag-ing houses, Surface Mount Technologies, solar cells, fuel cells, LED packages and graphics inkjet.