LPKF CuttingMaster – Entry-Level System for Laser Cutting

For EMS service providers who have never used laser technology for depaneling before, LPKF now offers a low-cost entry-level option with the CuttingMaster.

The UV laser system is ideal for cutting flexible, rigid-flexible, and rigid printed circuit boards. Users profit from the advantages of laser technology: the generated cuts are exactly positioned, there is a high design freedom, and the surrounding material remains free of mechanical stress.  
The systems in the LPKF CuttingMaster series are easy to operate due to the clever integrated software. In addition, the compact machines offer an attractive price comparable to that of mechanical depaneling systems – without compromising quality, efficiency, or flexibility.

Press release
LPKF CuttingMaster – Entry-Level System for Laser Cutting (pdf - 188 KB)
LPKF CuttingMaster realizes exactly positioned cuts (jpg - 1 MB)