Perfectly Clean Cut Edges

FR4 and other printed circuit board materials can be cleanly separated with the LPKF PicoLine series depaneling machines.


LPKF relies on the CleanCut technology developed in-house when it comes to cutting printed circuit board materials with unsurpassed cut edge quality. With practically no delamination or carbonization, the cuts made with the LPKF PicoLine provide the ideal conditions for RF applications through retention of the electrical insulation.

Process costs are lower than for conventional cutting processes because intensive cleaning steps are done away with. The nondamaging material processing leads to a higher yield in PCB manufacturing. In addition, less substrate material is used because with a full-section cut using laser technology with a spot size of < 20 µm, more PCBs can be made from a panel. The narrow cutting channel and the completely software-controlled laser process maximize design freedom.
The new systems in the PicoLine series feature a considerably higher travel range of up to 460 x 305 mm (18'' x 12''), and the new granite base provides greater stability.

Press release
Perfectly Clean Cut Edges (pdf - 154 KB)
Cut edge of an FR4 material, cut with the PicoLine (jpg - 272 KB)