Innovations for the electronics industry

LPKF presents a large portfolio of new products at Productronica

LPKF stands out from the heap of innovation at this year's Productronica. In 2019, the company is launching numerous new and efficient systems that promise groundbreaking solutions: for PCB prototyping, for high-volume electronics production and for innovative IC packaging. That is why "We enable innovation" is also one of the core messages of the company.

For the first time at Productronica, LPKF will be presenting an entry-level system for laser depaneling, the LPKF CuttingMaster. The use of laser technology for depaneling can be realized with this system at investment costs in line with those of mechanical systems. As with all other LPKF laser systems, the user-friendly system software and a high degree of automation enable users to work with the laser even if they have not received any special training in laser technology.

The laser experts at LPKF have further developed the LPKF Pico-Line 3000 series for laser depaneling with maximum precision and technical cleanliness. The recognition area has been significantly increased up to 460 mm x 305 mm (18'' x 12''), and the base, now made of granite, provides greater stability.

The LPKF MicroCut 6080, a system based on the successful G6080 stencil laser system, promises the finest in stainless steel micromachining. With this machine, even the smallest apertures in stainless steel can be achieved. Minimal cutting contour radii and optimum roundness of the apertures make new applications for solder paste stencils possible.

With the LPKF PowerCut 6080 system, LPKF is also offering a new solution for processing stainless steel sheets up to 4 mm thick – with results in proven LPKF quality. Smooth edges in circular openings and even extreme radii ensure optimum usability of the cutting parts.

For PCB prototyping, the company continues to rely on mechanical systems working alongside laser systems. New this year is the compact LPKF ProtoLaser ST table-top laser system, which fits into any laboratory and structures PCBs quickly and efficiently.

LPKF is also presenting the new LPKF ProtoMat S104, a highly productive circuit board plotter for the laboratory – and a specialist for RF and microwave applications. Highly automated processes and precise adjustment of the milling depth and width combined with a high-performance spindle and vacuum table also make it possible to use thin laminates and substrates with sensitive surfaces.


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